Monday, January 7, 2013

15% Enell Sports Bras

Hi peeps!

I have more stuff to write (and will do so shortly!), but I got this offer in my inbox today and I wanted to share it in case you all are intereseted.

The sports bras that I used often when I was running are by Enell...they're great for bigger women (especially busty ones) because they really hold 'the girls' to you.  Oprah had them on her list of favorite things a few years back.

The only downside to these bras is that they can be kind of pricey.

Ladies Only Sports has them for 15% off through 10AM MST tomorrow (1/8/13) .  I don't get paid anything...just came across it in my inbox.

Just enter 2013 as the Coupon Code if you're interested.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A hundred todays and a hundred tomorrows

Happy New Year!

I, like almost everyone else in the free world, am planning on watching what I eat and on moving more this year.  So congratulations to me!  I'm human and just like you. :)

I was thinking yesterday about the Scarlet O'Hara idea of "Tomorrow is another day." and wondered if thinking like that hurts weight loss efforts or helps them.  I still haven't made a firm decision, but I do think that there is power in framing things up in "todays" and "tomorrows."

As an example, yesterday I was faced with the option to take the stairs or the elevator to get up to where my cube is.  I thought about it, REALLY wanted to take the elevator.  My knees hurt.  I had just walked up two flights of stairs to get to the entry of the building.  Couldn't I just take the elevator this time?  But said to myself, "Tomorrow I'll take the elevator.  Today I'll walk up the stairs."

I went to a salad place yesterday for lunch but when I walked inside, I saw that the long line rivaled anything you'd find at Disneyland.  I quickly swore under my breath, turned around, and walked out the door telling myself I just didn't have that kind of time to wait in a line like that.  I got to my car and thought of all of the places that I could stop on the way back to work that would be quicker.  None of them were healthy.  And if I can't be healthy on the SECOND DAY of the new year, where is my dedication?  So I walked back to the restaurant, got in line and waited 38 minutes to get through the line and leave with my salad.  Each time I heard the two pretentious ladies who were in line in front of me talking about Kim Kardashian's baby, I reminded myself that this pain was worth it.  I told myself, "Today I'm making a healthy choice for lunch.  Tomorrow I may choose differently."

What I love about this is that it helps eliminate black-and-white thinking.  That I either have to be completely "on" a diet or "off" one; that I need to have everything planned out in advance.

Maybe I'll plan out everything tomorrow.  But today, I'm making the best little decisions I can.  Each time I'm faced with a choice today, I'm choosing the option that gets me closer to where I want to be tomorrow.

P.S.  I've figured out a way around our proxy server at work.  Know what that means?  I GET TO POST MORE OFTEN AGAIN! :)