Monday, August 4, 2014

31 weeks down, 6 more to go!

Well, hello there!

I have been meaning to post an update since my last blog post - but GOODNESS that first trimester had me exhausted all the time!

Updates about me:
* I'm 31 weeks pregnant!  Yikes!  The biggest question I get is if I'm ready and my answer (without any qualification) is no.  Physically?  No.  Mentally?  No.  House ready?  No.  Nursery painted?  No.  Car seat installed? No.  Hospital bag packed?  No.  Name fully picked out?  No.
* I've gained 25 pounds in this pregnancy.  I wanted to gain a total of 20 since my BPI already started out so high, but that didn't happen.  I guess on one hand I'm happy that I've at least kept it somewhat contained, but I know that this will make it harder to lose.  Especially since I should be gaining at least a pound a week from here on out.
* I'm not dating.  Okay, this is probably a no-brainer to you but this is the longest I've ever gone without dating someone since I started college.  Truthfully, I miss it.  I mean, not the end to bad relationships or even the beginning when you're a bit uncertain about the other person...but that good stuff in the middle - where you feel warm, safe, secure, loved, and know that you're giving the same to another.
* My job is very stressful.  Since I started this blog, my career has taken an upward swing - which is great.  I now manage a group of technical people at a big cable company.  Recently, I made a bad hire and the guy that filled that position was SUCH a pain in the bootay.  I cried more about how this person treated me than I've ever cried about someone ever.  Sure, I'm pregnant, but also this guy was SUCH a major asshat.  The good news is that I finally got the green light to terminate his employment and wouldn't you know it?  My blood pressure decreased by 20 points (TWENTY!) from the OB visits before he was let go to afterwards.  I'm now trying to hire two people.  To come onboard in the next 3 weeks.  And I haven't even started to interview for one of the positions.  GAH!
* It's hot.  I'm hot (and not in that sexy way).  May all people who have been in their third trimester in the heat of summer have my never ending love and adoration.

Updates about the baby:
* SHE (gasp!  Yes, I'm having a baby GIRL!) is doing great!  I had some concerning test results in week 13ish (called a low PAPP-A) and one of the potential side effects is stillbirth.  So we've both been getting tested regularly.  That means that I have more ultrasound pictures than the average woman AND that her baby book is starting to get full.  She's growing well though and kicks me often (which is very reassuring).
* She'll be born sometime around the 17th of September in her 37th week.  This is because of the uterine fibroid surgery I had in left my uterus weakened enough that I can't go through labor.
* That's it. She's not really old enough to have many other updates other than as of today, she's the size of a head of romaine lettuce.   :)

This whole process has really helped me realize how uncomfortable being big is.  I'm now the size of a small hippo (or John Candy) and I feel like whatever the opposite is of a million bucks (an IOU for a million bucks?).  I also have next to no energy and when I see people running with their kids in strollers I realize that I would like to be an active mom versus one who just watches TV and doesn't play or is active with her kids.  Getting in shape with a baby probably isn't easy...but it's never been more important.

Have any of you done it?  If so, what helped?