Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A promise to myself

I *will* get some form of activity in today.

It was 30 degrees at lunch so I didn't run outside.

The class that is at 5:30 (which is the most convenient time for me to work out after work) at the gym is a step class...not exactly something that I'm looking forward to. Then again, neither is the treadmill.

But I need the exercise - mostly for my mind, but some for the burning of excess calories that I've already eaten today.

So I promise that I *will* do something.

I know me and even though a workout video would normally be a viable option; however, I fear that if my butt hits the couch today, I'll never get back off of it to change into my workout clothes.

I'll change here at work and just hit the gym - if only for a few miles on the treadmill. I promise.


Levi said...

Do it. (easy for me to say).
I already did mine.

Lisa said...

I really hope you made it!!

Margie M. said...

Even a little bit is better than nothing! It rained here all day, but we finally had a break and were able to walk down to the beach pier and back. 20 minutes tops, but at least it was something.

Thanks, Anne, for your sweet comments on my blog. YOU ARE THE BEST, and I mean that from the heart. Take care and remember that spring is around the corner. (which corner, I'm not sure)

Margie writes at:

The Merry said...

I had to go look up your location before I could understand your complaint about it being 30 outside.
Clearly, I've been working with too many Australians. Crikey. They say it's 30 outside too, but apparently what that means is that it's warm enough to stop working and go hang out on the beach instead, throwing more prawns on the barbie.

Kellie said...

You can definitely do it! If you don't let yourself sit down it will push you to get on the treadmill. Lie to yourself and say that you will only do 15 minutes. And after that you should be feeling like going the whole way! :)


Happy Fun Pants said...

I did it! :) I ran just shy of 3 miles on the treadmill and was *so* thankful that I did.

Thanks, as always, for the encouragement. :)

carla said...

did you?
and did you yesterday?
will you today?

will I?

all these questions....

reagardless, here's to a great one for us both.


lindalou said...


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