Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's a new dawn, it's a new dayyyyyyyyyy

Isn't this a weight loss blog?  I thought so.  Then let's get to it, shall we?

Monday night, Weight Watchers unveiled it's new and improved plan.  And apparently, it meant that the smaller ladies in our group had their points decreased...and I couldn't believe how upset people were (but that's a different rant for a different day).

At any rate, as my leader was talking about the changes, and people were complaining or getting cranky, I had sort of an out-of-body experience.

I realized that I have been sitting in the same seat, making jokes, being supportive, and yet pretty much at the same weight for the last 6 months, give or take a few pounds.

And as I sat there, I realized that if I didn't change something NOTHING (including my weight) was going to change.

The magic isn't in the meetings - it's in the actions. 

Well, DUH.

My weight was down over two pounds each of the last two times I weighed in.  And that included the week of Thanksgiving.  Where I was at my mom's the whole time. Where there were candy bars, a day where I didn't get out of my fun pants, and fatty foods.

But I lost 2 pounds over Thanksgiving week.  How?  Well, I ramped up my activity.  And I ate when I was hungry and didn't eat when I wasn't.

So this brings me back to my age old dilemma of:

Do I practice intuitive eating or do I count points?

The last time I counted points, religiously, was 6 months ago.  Know what I was doing then?  LOSING WEIGHT.

The last time I practiced intuitive eating I lost weight.

So pretty much both approaches work.  And it's about darn time that I stop trying to force myself into anything.*  And THAT is one of the reasons why I really do like the new plan.  You can switch from "Simply Filling" (i.e. an intuitive eating type approach) to the points plan daily and vice versa.

So here's what I've decided - at least for this week.  I'm going to pay attention to my body and eat foods that are good for me when I'm hungry.  And I'll go ahead and count the points to see how it matches up.

Last night, I met up with a good friend for what was supposed to be just drinks and maybe dinner.  It turned into an appetizer, a small portion of dinner, and a LOT of beer.  But it was exactly what I wanted at the time.  I had an awesome time...and after being brushed off by the douche canoe, I enjoyed every moment of it.

This morning, I counted up the points and realized that I used almost all of my weekly points.  Eh.  That's what they're for, right?

I feel good about the things that I can control and good about the things I can't.

I actually feel at harmony with things in my life...and I know that when I feel at peace, my eating is cleaner and much easier.

The whole health concept...there just might be something to it. :)

*OMG.  Seriously?  I heart this sentence.  It's applicable to every area of my life.

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Ink Spiller said...

"The whole health concept...there just might be something to it."

I just had that realization myself not too long ago. I realized that my weight isn't much a physical issue as it is a reflection of me generally and the state I'm in. It's all connected and it doesn't matter how much I try to starve myself if the rest of me is all out of balance then it ain't going to work, is it?