Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick of it...

I'm sick.

And I've also been on three really crappy dates. I would say four, but technically getting kissed made it a non-crappy date. And I've just been stressed at work.

All of those things added up means that I am not taking care of myself - subconsciously I've been turning to food.

This week's number at the scale is going to be big...a lot bigger than what I'd like.

I actually ended up losing 3.2 pounds this past week...and I know I went over points every day last week. I was already expecting a gain for this week - but my complete abandon for WW and it's points targets WILL make a huge difference on the scale.

And I feel crappy. Crappy because I'm sick, crappy because I'm discouraged about dating, crappy because I'm eating crappy foods, crappy because I haven't worked out (working out before the dates means I'd have to shower as well, working out afterwards isn't really an sloshing around without having time to digest might be ugly at work).

But basically, this week has taught me that I, yet again, need to concentrate on how I got this way. That taking care of me and listening to my body's needs is important.

I'll do better. I guess I just need to learn it or re-learn it on a weekly basis...and that in itself is a frustrating thing.


Bonnie said...

I'm a stress eater, and have to work hard at staying away from the chocolate when I'm stressing. By the way, thanks for the warning about the WW list. I took the post down to be on the safe side.

Amy said...

Followed you over from Seriously Too- Weight for it.

Sorry you had a rough week; maybe you should make a list of why you are losing weight to look at when you are unmotivated. I'm on my 3rd week of WW (well just finished 3rd) and it was a ROUGH week- I had motivation problems too.

Good luck next week! :)

POD said...

I will write something cheesey.
Date yourself. Treat yourself like a date and forget about those other dates for now. At least until you feel better. You won't have a decent date as long as you feel like crap anyway, right?
Wait until you feel better. Try to resist shoving in food cuz you know that ain't gonna work. (I come from a long line of food users).
I hope you feel better soon. Try not to let the food run your show.