Sunday, February 1, 2009

So there's that...

Alright. So I gained last week. I gained a lot. Like the woman at the counter was all "I think that I put something in wrong because this can't be right." In my defense, I was wearing jeans that were a MUCH heavier weight than what I typically do AND since it was snowing and my pants were big, I ended up having snow/water on my jeans.

Having said that, I've done a pretty good job this week. I've lost almost all of the weight that I gained (by rough calculations) last week...

MORE importantly, I have been good to myself. I was so sick this week that I even lost my voice (something that people have been praying for for years!) on Wednesday. Instead of plowing through it, I took the day off and slept.

I felt so much better, that I went skiing yesterday with my friend Kelly. We had planned this for over a month and I was looking forward to it so much! It didn't even occur to me until Friday night to look for my ski wear. I literally tore apart my room trying to find the long underwear and ski bibs! Then when I found them, I was SO scared that they wouldn't fit. And thankfully they did. I would've had to buy a new coat, new long underwear, and new ski bibs if I would've done this last year. I was so proud of all of the hard work that I did to get me to that place.

We had a great time and I have that great post-work out soreness. I'm going skiing later this month with a friend and my goal is to do a lot more lunges and dips in the next few weeks so that I won't be so sore next time.

I feel good.

I feel healthier.

And that is a great change to where I was last week.

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Bonnie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm in the losing voice stage of my illness right now, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who will be thrilled also :) I am taking tomorrow off and going to the doctor before this gets any worse. Luckily I have an awesome intern who will cover for me. Congratulations of getting into your ski gear, and being in a better place this week.