Tuesday, February 17, 2009

baby steps...


That's how much I lost this past week.

On one hand, I'm proud that I turned my week around after almost blowing it in the first few days. I'm proud that I didn't use the first few days as an excuse to scrap the whole week.

On the other hand, I'm frustrated WITH MYSELF that I'm not consistent.

It's Tuesday afternoon, and I only have 6 points left for the day and 5 points left for the week's flex points. Not exactly a stellar start to this week either. BUT I am going skiing this weekend and I think that that will be a blast - and a great way to burn the calories that I, unfortunately, have already used.

I'm going to try to not blow it. I'm going to try to lose 2 pounds. Because I REALLY want to get that 50 pound washer that they're giving out these days at WW. It's my next goal - to get out of the 40s and into the 50s.

So I'm tracking - and tonight I plan on being asleep by 9. I've gotten 5 hours the last two nights and I know that that is a bad situation for me. If I don't get enough sleep, I start craving sugars and carbs like CRAZY. Which could explain my decision to eat an eggo with butter and syrup today at work. TypicallyI can turn that stuff down, but today I gave into my cravings.

I hate it when I do that...