Friday, November 20, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I usually weigh in on Monday nights, but this coming Monday I will be driving from Denver to El Paso to visit my family for the holidays.

I can't really weigh in on Tuesday due to the only WW meeting on our side of town is when I have a massage scheduled. And I've been waiting a LOOONG time for her.

I can't weigh in on Wednesday because I'll be picking up my sister and my boyfriend from the airport (don't worry - they're not flying together) when the meetings are.

Thursday is out and if you think I'm weighing in on the day after Thanksgiving, you've got another thing coming.*

Saturday is the drive back to Denver... and Sunday is officially in the next week.

So the thing I need to make a decision about is if I want to skip next week all together or if I want to weigh in on Sunday in Denver.

Skipping the meeting all together isn't the best option, I feel. I feel like accountability is still pretty key for helps keep me on track at this stage in my weight loss.

But weighing in on Sunday is tricky too. Because the meeting times all over Denver are either at 8, 8:30, or 9. Morning weigh ins are a far cry from Monday night weigh I'll undoubtedly be lighter than what I am.

Any suggestions on how I can make my weigh be more accurate?

*I know...I *shouldn't* matter. But it still does.


Margie M. said...

We all play these games with ourselves on the weigh in don't we? And you're does matter to each of us. If you plan to weigh in at a morning meeting this time, eat your full breakfast before you go to meeting. That will add a little more weight to the scale. Then when you go back to your normal evening meeting for weigh in it won't look like you have a big gain for no reason other than time of day. Might help anyway. Have a good Thanksgiving!

POD said...

Don't we weigh less at higher elevations? I always figured I was at the wrong elevation for my height. If I were on the moon, I'd be America's next top model. Denver, being the mile-high city, should make you weigh less than el paso.

Kris said...

So, it shouldn't matter, but I know, I know it does. What if you weigh in on Sunday, it shows a loss, you are excited and motivated and carry that motivation and good feelings of yourself through your trip[, remembering when you are eating Thanksgiving dinner....then you eat well, and do sooooo well that NEXT Monday you will also have a loss!!!!!!! Hooooorraaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Amy Pousson said...

In the interest of practicing the whole "it isn't supposed to matter" I am weighing in Friday morning at my regular meeting. That's right. The morning after Thanksgiving. I think the fact that I know I will be doing that will help me be sensible with my choices on Thursday.

Angela said...

So by now you are driving.... and I know the car contains only carrot chips!

Won't it be great when the weigh-in truly isn't an issue? I promise.... it happens!