Monday, October 27, 2008


It's been one week since I had my new bed delivered.

I was hoping that all my pain would disappear, but it turns out that the cause of my pain is me. Story. Of. My. Life. I still have the pain when I sleep even with this super fancy schmancy bed. So I've started to keep a sleep journal (just as exciting as it sounds - which is to say that it's not exciting at all) to try to narrow down for my doctors why I have such intense pain when I am sleeping.

Most days I'm just sore, but Thursday night I was in a lot of pain. So there's that.

I haven't decided if I want to return my bed to Sleep Number or if I want to keep it - I'm trying to be practical about it, but am really not donating lots of time to it. I guess I'm still hoping that one of these mornings I'll wake up and be able to jump out of bed, click my heels like the Irish person I am, and then go about my merry way, being free of pain. Hmmm...maybe I should keep a flask by my bed.

Anyway, a week ago, when the new bed was being delivered, I went home to meet the delivery guy. He was a nice guy and was pretty chatty as he was setting up the bed. The bed comes in a ton of different boxes - it's built right before your eyes.

Me: Wow. I guess I'm surprised with how modular it is!

Him: Ha! It's funny that you would say that. Modular. The only people that have used that term are dorky engineers.

Me: *cough* *cough* Um...that's me.

Him: What?

Me: I am a dorky engineer.

Him: Oh. Really? Hmm...weird. Modular.

*This post was originally written on my other blog...but I moved it to this blog for ease of linking.