Monday, June 22, 2009

Weight Watchers Mobile Service

Friday I received my iPhone and I couldn't be more thrilled with my new gadget! It *is* more than just a phone and I heart it.

I stumbled across this today on the web and wanted to share it. Weight Watchers has a tool that you can use on any smart phone...and it's FREE to members who use WW online or eTools.

You can go here to read more about it, but basically it allows you to visit your points tracker, your activity tracker and everything else very easily.

Not that I *am* tracking all of the time these days, but I thought that it was a nifty little thing to use! This morning I tracked my normal breakfast (toasted whole wheat english muffin, 1 tbsp of reduced fat peanut butter (split between the two halves), a drop of syrup (on each side), and a sliced banana on top - all for 5 points!) on my iPhone...right here at my desk! Sure enough it popped up immediately on the computer too. I think it's so handy to be able to track all day at work and then be able to track at night - or look up points values - if I'm out.

Super cool and figured that I'd share it for all of you who might want to know.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog today. It's nice having support from others. I have WW on my blackberry, and it's come in handy many times when we have been out and decide to go eat. Congrats on the iPhone, if I didn't have to change mobile carriers I would definitely get one. I love my iPod touch, but I have to be somewhere with wifi to get the WW sight.

Raike said...

Thanks for the link!! It sounds great!! I'm juts looking for Weight Watchers plan...