Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Huh...not so much fun after all

Last night I saw a date for the second time. This guy is a big guy - he's 6'3" and built like a linebacker. I've never dated a guy that big and thought that it would be refreshing - a great way for me to feel tiny and feminine.

I've seen my smaller friends (height around 5 feet tall) get hauled around by boyfriends in the past. Sometimes, the smaller girls would exclaim that they didn't like it, but I couldn't fault their significant others. I mean, they were so cute - how could you not want to squish them? I would look at them wistfully and think "When I'm thin, some guy can haul me around as if I weighed nothing. It would feel so great to feel that small and feminine!"

As I found out last night, that is not necessarily true.

He was so very strong (he can bench over 500#) and there were times where I actually felt a little scared to be so out of control. I mean, last night - he squeezed me so tight a couple of times that I had a hard time breathing. I was walking to the kitchen to get more water and he literally grabbed me by the back of my pants and then pulled me back to him. I've always wanted to be that small - but it was really not fun at all.

Now I don't know if this guy was getting off on how strong he could be, if he was trying to demonstrate to me that he was tough, if he isn't aware of how strong he actually is, or if he is into S&M. I don't know and for MANY other reasons, I'm not planning on sticking around to find out.

But I guess I'm just shocked to find out that one of my thin dreams was realized and that it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.


POD said...

There's an enormous difference between brutality and strength. Being pulled by your pants across the room could be dangerous if you have an elastic waist.

I like a larger guy too but I don't think they exist. I had a fat guy once and I thought he was going to keel over. Then he got super lazy in the s&x dept. and I felt like I was dating someone in a rest home. I would sit on weekends and wonder WTF I was doing with this idiot? We ended our friendship mutually.

My current and hopefully last bf is 6' tall. That's fine. He weighs less than me. That's fine. He loves me. That's great.

Lyn said...

This is a really interesting post, since my (estranged) husband is 6'3 and built large too. He always made me feel safe and smallish when I was with him, even when I weighed 250+, because he was just huge. But yeah, I think the size/treatment thing must have a lot to do with the level of trust and what you're comfortable with, because nowadays I really do not like him towering over me. Probably because he looks very unhappy and a huge, unhappy man towering over you is not comforting!!

So maybe, just maybe when you meet your Mr Right he could be tall and big and make you feel safe. Or maybe he will be cute and short and you will carry HIM around :)

Thank you for being so supportive on my blog. I really appreciate it!