Thursday, December 3, 2009

More of the same

Well, I didn't do as well last night as I had hoped I would have. My actual meal was fine - duck with rice and pears. I only ate half and my rail thin boyfriend ate all of his AND the rest of mine. I skipped the bread basket, had one glass of wine, and three bites of a key lime pie.

The problem is that since my boyfriend got out of work late, we weren't going to eat until much later. This meant that I knew that I had to have a snack...and my snack wasn't healthy. THEN when I got home, I heard a glass of milk and two heated up cookies (WW ones - one point each) calling my name from the kitchen.

So, I did go over points...and today although I'm still in my points range, I'm really struggling. I'm having a hard time figuring out if I'm actually hungry or if I just have this deep desire to eat. Because I have to tell you, I'm really wanting to crunch through a lot of stuff. I'm not bored and my stomach is feeling SOMETHING (although it's not really hunger per se).

I think what's bothering me most of all is that I'm not quite sure what IS going on...

Anyway, I'm battling it right now with gum (barely), but basically I'm having to white knuckle through this today. I mean, usually I'm really good about chewing a piece of gum for a long time...but all day today and yesterday I'm choosing one until it starts to lose it's flavor and then getting a new piece.

I think that if I'm still feeling this way tomorrow, I'm going to take a look at refined sugars and where they might be lurking in the foods I'm eating. My body is craving something...I just don't know what exactly.

AND I had the worst time getting up this morning (again!). So I'm going to go home, eat a dinner that I prepare (nothing take home), clean more of my place (which I did do some of yesterday) and then go to bed as early as possible. I figure I can battle through things easier when I've got sleep on my side.

I am realizing that although I didn't exactly turn the train around, I've certainly slowed it's momentum.

And for now, that's going to have to be enough.


Misspudding said...

Good for you for slowing down that train. You have awareness of that feeling, whatever it is, and you're choosing to not stuff it down. You're willing to listen to yourself and say, "What's up with me?"

Stay strong, Anne.

Margie M. said...

It sounds like you did real well at the birthday dinner for your boyfriend. Congratulations on not making the celebration an excuse for overeating. You said you didn't know why you were so hungry before and after the meal. Sometimes I confuse hunger (intentionally?) with just wanting to revert to old habits of eating for no real reason at all. This was one of my biggest issues. I think it takes a long time to reprogram our "food brains" hang in there and keep on doing as well as you are doing!

Stephanie said...

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