Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I started this blog and to be honest, I didn't even think people would notice it. That's why I haven't been as funny as I am on the other blog - and it's also why I haven't made it look pretty.

I guess because in a small way, this blog represents how I think I am when you strip away my layers of self defense and the makeup. Not as pretty, and not as much of a need to make others laugh.

Here's the thing - the people that have read this post by stumbling by it have been awesome...and I have really appreciated your comments of support.

I am proud of the weight I have lost - and I find myself downplaying it to others...but it's nice to come here - to this safe place where I can write freely about the issues that surround my weight and my weight loss. My self-image and my self-worth have been tied for so long that it's hard for me to even understand one without taking into account the other.

I guess that's why your comments still mean a bunch - that you would read this blog - even though it's not as funny, not as pretty, and not as helpful as other blogs out there.


POD said...

This blog may not be all those great things you listed but it seems like the real you...not that the real you ain't funny. I don't even know you though I like this blog over the other one (so far). I enjoyed reading about Chassis but sad.

My issues are more in line with the issues you discuss on this blog. You don't need to decorate it.

Lyn said...

You totally rock :)

Thank you SO MUCH for the nice comment you left me. It make me feel so much better!!

And reading what you wrote about your blog, well, that's me too. Even though I am getting near 1000 hits a day now, I never made my blog fancy or anything because it is the stripped down me.

We will reach our goals, both of us.

Katschi said...

I just had to leave a comment to tell you that Happy Fun Pants is THE BEST name! It makes me giggle.
Thanks for that.