Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Aflac IronGirl 5K

Yesterday I ran the Aflac IronGirl 5K here in Denver and it was, in a word, amazing!

First, there were almost 1300 women running the race. It was a race for, in celebration of, and by women. I think that's pretty cool.

My friend Kelly decided that she wanted to do it too. We walked a race in April together and I so appreciate her wanting to do stuff like this. She actually opted to walk this 5K, so I ran and then cheered her on as she got close to the finish line.
So how'd I do? I finished the race in 37' 28". The one that I did a few weeks ago, I finished in 37'32". So I'm 4 seconds faster. :)

The previous race actually had MUCH less hills in it than this one did, so I know that I was stronger this time around.

BUT the really great thing is that Kelly and I went out to eat for breakfast afterwards and what did I order? An egg white omelette full of veggies, tomato slices, and wheat toast. It was fantastic. I'm proud of this because sometimes when I exercise, I use it as a way to forgive myself for anything else that I might eat. So eating what I normally would've eaten was a great thing for me to do.

I'm trying to learn that eating out just means that you're changing the location of where you're eating - you don't actually have to eat differently than what you would at home. Logically that makes sense. But sometimes, when I want to celebrate, I get confused between the emotions of celebrating and the tradition of food that usually accompanies it.

So yesterday? It was a start.

Oh - and the guy that I've been dating? We got together last night and ate at Souper Salad. I love that he is supportive of me and my efforst in getting healthier. I love that he doesn't act in any way, shape, or form, that he is dissatisfied by the way I look- in fact, he compliments me. And I love the fact that the concerns I had of us clicking chemistry-wise have been retired. He is great and this just may be the healthiest relationship I've ever been in.


Fat[free]Me said...

I love all-women races, they are much less intimidating to me as a (this time) beginner.

You did good time considering the extra hillage!

Glad the thing with your BF is working out now.

Amy Pousson said...

Yay!! I am signing up for the JD 5K that is run around headquarters in early October. It's hilly, for IL. :)

I hear you on the celebrating and food. That's how we did growing up. I need to find non food ways to celebrate.

Yay about the BF, too. :)

POD said...

Good news about the BF. And great news about your 5k. Iron Girl.