Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And another thing...

While I did have Steak N' Shake twice in Peoria, I also ran twice.

I overindulged in food - and not just during the five days I was in Peoria, but for the days that preceeded that too. So it's not surprising that I would gain a little. The gain I had this past week (1.8) was actually due more to me eating quite a few servings of salty potato chips yesterday...I say this because when I actually went back and counted the points from this past week, I was much more in check than what I originally thought. If that's true (the weight gain was largely due to salt intake), then next week, I should see it balance right back down.

Anyway, the weight numbers aside, the great thing was that I was AWARE of the times that I ate too much and I did run (again, TWICE!) because that was healthy too.

Years ago I wouldn't have been as aware...and I would've taken the whole weekend as a chance to overindulge in every way possible - and I definitely wouldn't have brought my running shoes along.

This time I made progress...and I think that that's a great thing.

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POD said...

It's good to be aware.
BTW, years ago none of us were aware. Age is a leg-up on awareness. Well, for some.