Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's put a notch under the win column, shall we?

I am so excited!

This past week has been AMAZING for me.

Before I get ahead of myself, allow me to say that I recognize that these times can be fleeting. I realize that this may not last. I had MANY more of these weeks when I first started to lose weight so the fact that I'm feeling this great 14 months into my health kick is FANTASTIC. I am SO excited that this is how I'm feeling RIGHT NOW that I just want to post about it.

I ran a fantastically fun 5K this weekend - one where people dressed up like David Hasselhoff, German maidens, and toilets. I had a great time...they even served a beer after the race to all participants. After posing for this picture (and taking two celebratory sips), I trashed it.

You guys have to know that my time got better by 1:20 - that's a MINUTE AND TWENTY SECONDS - from two weeks ago, when I ran the last 5K. Thanks to the wonder of my Nike+, I found that I ran my first mile in 9:15. In fact, after I heard that time, I slowed my pace - because I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to run the whole thing at that rate. I ran the whole thing in 35:28 - and I am SO proud of myself.

My eating? On track. I have been monitoring points, tracking as much as I feel necessary. But truthfully? I'm finding that the days that I eat mindfully are the days that I'm not eating like crazy at night.

I'm (GASP!) listening to my body.

And what I'm finding is that I'm picking foods that are good for me - ones that fuel my body. I've taken SOME of the emotion out of eating.

Can I just say that I feel marvelous? Okay then. I do. Pieces are starting to fall into place.

My boyfriend seems to love to eat out...and I've started actually ordering something that sounds good - but also something that is similar to what I would have if I'd have been home.

If I've been tired, I've concentrated on getting sleep. If I've been cranky, I've asked for a hug. If I've needed a listening ear, I've called a friend. I've been good to me.

The scale says that I'm down today - which is great, seeing as how I weigh in shortly...but more than that, I FEEL healthier - mind, body, and spirit.

I've tried this past week...and it has felt WONDERFUL to feel like I've succeeded. We've all had weeks where we've tried and fallen very short of our goals. So the success this week? It WAS well earned and just the kind of push that I needed to gain momentum.

Watch out, world. Because right about now, I feel invincible.


Slackey said...

So glad to hear things are going well!! I love seeing your positive attitude. :)

Amy Pousson said...

Woot!! That's awesome. You should know that you are inspiring me (and lots of other people, too, I imagine).

Think about me Sunday morning. I'll be running the John Deere 5K. :)