Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One of many

I have several things swirling in my brain right now...and I'm excited. Mostly because it seems like I tend to post only once a week. With all the crap in my brain right now, I think I could post every day for a few weeks.

So...the first topic swirling around is how much I love my Weight Watchers meeting. I know, some of you may be wanting to roll your cute little eyeballs right around now, but it's true! I've read other blogs where the bloggers have dogged their leaders, other attendees, or even the program. And while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I can't help but wish that everyone could come to my Monday night meeting.

It's like Cheers. Everyone knows your name. Everyone wants to support everyone else. We all have goals. We all have crap that we're working through. But the coolest thing? We're willing to BE vulnerable. We're willing to share the secrets that make us seem unlovable to others...

I've written before about how releasing secrets is sometimes more freeing for the secret teller than the secret hearer. I find that this is especially true in my meeting. I can say something and then I can release it. When I enter those doors, I feel loved, valued, and lifted up. It's my soft place to fall and a place where I feel pretty damn receptive to other people's ideas. I feel comfortable sharing and I feel comfortable changing.

There are three people that really make the meeting for me. First, is my leader. You guys, she is the cutest thing ever - she's spunky, she's healthy, she's fit, and she's positive. She doesn't focus on SmartOnes, bars, or anything else that's a money maker for WW. She focuses on the good health guidelines. She focuses on pushing us to make the permanent changes to keep the weight off. For forever. She has been in my corner and on my side - even when I wasn't.

The second and third people are two great cheerleaders for me - in my personal life and in my WW life. I'm so thankful that we all happened to go to the same meeting because I feel like I've found friends. Rex and Kris are great sounding boards...and lately, the conversations that I've had with Rex after the meetings and via email and blogs have been so very helpful. They know that I can do it. I know that I can do it. And I can't wait to stand in the front of the room when I hit my goal and look at both of their healthy bodies and know that we can do it. We will be living proof.

I feel so passionately about my meeting, my group of friends that know what it's like to be me. It's helped bring home the idea that support has been key for me in my journey - support at the meetings, support on this blog, and support via my other friends and family.

Whatever plan you're on to be healthier - mind, body, or spirit, I've found that support is helpful.

Where do you find support?