Monday, November 15, 2010


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I've given some thoughts to holiday celebrations recently.  I think that's because I've been in "Countdown to Surgery" mode the last month or two.  Since that's passed and I'm eversoslowly healing (I hope...I have another doctor appointment about this stupid infection later this morning), I think it's natural to think about what is next.

What's next is Thanksgiving - eating pies, turkey and stuffing and baking copious amounts of foods.  My sisters and I go to my dad's once a year - we swap off.. one year it's Christmas and the next, it's Thanksgiving.  So Thanksgiving this year, is at my dad's.  Which means we'll go to the grocery store and probably buy all the food ready-made.  My dad isn't much of a cook and if you read my recent post about our Christmas chile con queso last year, he's not much of a grocery shopper either.

Usually my sisters and dad lounge around the house, checking and updating Facebook, watching TV, and playing with the cat.  Usually, I'm running around the block.  I used to have an early morning routine which would involve waking up early and running before anyone else was up and about.  I returned home when people started to stir, and I was ready for any arguments or drama headed my way.

Last year, when we were at my mom's, we started a new tradition of running a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.  My dad lives in a suburban subdivision that is no where close to races.  And he wouldn't drive us to one.  And we can't exactly rent a car.  So I know that even if I were healthy, I couldn't run an official race on Thanksgiving morning.

But this year, I can't run any race.  I can't even go for the morning run.

And that makes me sad.

While I was reflecting on the sad feeling I have about that, I remembered Katy's comment on a post a while was something like "stop wishing to be someplace you're not."

So, I'll adapt it this year, I'll bundle up in an old ski coat of my dad's and go for a walk around the block instead - to clear my head and get away from the house.

And as I walk around the block, I'll think of all the things I can, should, and am thankful for.  I'll think of the strength and clarity of mind that I'll be getting while walking.  I'll take time to appreciate my body for where it's at now - healing, getting stronger, and adapting.

This week I want to focus on being thankful for where I'm at now.  I want to focus on living in the now.  Next year?  I'll probably run Thanksgiving morning.  Next year I could be engaged, married, pregnant, or single again.  Who knows what a year will bring?

I'm sure I'll be running again before the year is out.  And when I'm able to do that again, I'll probably feel more like "me."

But until then, I can change and make room for the healing me too.


Karen said...

Good attitude adjustment:) I am so focused on the food part of the holiday right now, trying to come up with some healthy additions to an otherwise very unhealthy meal, that I have not been thinking about thankfulness at all.

Polar's Mom said...

Good plan. I, too, worry about the holidays. Probably more than I should...however I do know what kind of damage I am capable of...
Good idea about staying in the present and remembering what we should be thankful for...hope your infection clears up soon!!

Polar's Mom

Brigitte said...

It sounds like you have a great plan in place! I hope the infection is better before you know it and you are out there running again!

Auntie Mandy said...

I love Thanksgiving! Since I am allergic to everything, and my father is a vegetarian, I have a blast making a vegan Thanksgiving meal that does NOT include tofurkey.

Lanie Painie said...


walking is good. Sitting up is good, after what you've been through. Take it easy on yourself.

Katy said...

I guess I should take my own advice and stop wishing I'd be thinner by now. Reality...she's a bitch sometimes. I chuckled at your "dad's not much of a grocery shopper either" line. I remember that post. haha

JayneSees said...

I vote engaged and pregnant! Do I get a vote? Haha. I hope that your check up is a good one! Hang in there!