Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perseverance, Week 2: Less Sugar

Last week, I mentioned that the idea of small changes adding up to big lifestyle changes was a motivator for me.  My small change from last week was that I was going to start adding in more water to my daily life.

So how'd I do?  Well, pretty good.  My facility doesn't have ice (I KNOW, what do they think we are, animals?!?) so water is less temping than before.  BUT they do have fairly cold water fountains.  So I've been making frequent trips to the water fountain throughout the day to put water in my nalgene bottle (cartoon drawing of it to the right).  I learned quickly to not fill it up, as I typically don't drink the whole thing before it gets warm.

Week 1?  Success!

For the second week, I really wanted to focus on something that I think will help me in the long run AND the short run:  To cut down on sweets.

This is a tough one for me - especially lately.  I've been craving sweets more and more...and there seems to be something to the idea that the more you have of something, the more your body craves it - especially with sweets.

So this week, as impossible as it might feel, I'm going to limit my refined sugar as much as possible.

The hardest thing to do is to cut out the sugar in my coffee, but I think I'm breaking free of that.  Today, after two mugfuls of coffee, I still had only used less than half of a Sweet N' Low packet.  Next, I need to watch the dessert offerings that I've been having after dinner.  A few Milk Duds are turning into a few handfuls...and what's worse, they're not even being mindfully consumed.

Last night, on the way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store and bought some delicious blackberries and honeycrisp apples, two of my most favorite fruits.  This way, when I'm armed with something sweet for after dinner, I can have a healthy portion of fruit instead of my usual scouring for something artificial.

So I (selfishly) can have some inspiration for a change next week, what is something small you're working on this week or have had success in?


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Artificial sweeteners aside, I do best when I cut out refined sugar. The less I eat it the less I want it. Funny how that works with so many foods for me. Bread, peanut butter.

Anonymous said...

Caffine. I've been cutting back over the past many months, and have now cut it out completely.

I'm still feeling a bit foggy, but all in all...I'm sleeping better! I've been told that a well rested body sheds poundage more easily. We'll see how that goes.

Dillypoo said...

I refer to this as The Crap Theory: if you eat crap, you crave crap.

If I find myself in a rut or needing to shake things up, I will eliminate something for a week, too. Like caffeine. No coffee or caffeinated beverages for seven days.

I try and give my husband and coworkers a few days warning so they can prepare for a week of Crabbypoo.

Anonymous said...

I have that water bottle--love it! I probably take for granted that we have water coolers at my office so plenty of ice cold (or hot) water whenever we want or need it. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful!!

This week I'm trying get in all my scheduled workouts and all of them in the morning. This might not be a small change, but everything else has been on par.

lisa said...

Can you bring a lemon to work? I work at home now, so I have a slice of lemon in regular temp water, and it's really good.

As for coffee without chemical sweetener, try changing to a dark roast - it's a whole different taste. So the lack of sweetener wouldn't be a loss, it would be different.

Sometimes I try to do tea instead of coffee, and I really like Genmaicha tea - its has roasted rice in it, and you wouldn't want to add anything. I'm still looking for a good decaf version tho.

Thanks for the idea about small changes, I always start a diet with great gusto and have no trouble sticking to an 1100 - 1200 calorie regime, but the weight loss slows down in a couple of weeks and stops after a couple of months and at that amount I haven't much else to cut, so I burn out and the weight just creeps back on.

I'm sure not only eating a 1600 calorie diet now! It's hard to know exactly since I am so religious when I'm tracking every morsel.

I'm doing some hard thinking about what small but real change can I make. Thanks!

Jackie said...

Honestly, what I have been working on the hardest this week is simply getting up on time with this STUPID daylights savings time change. It's amazing what the time change can do to a body - or maybe more to one's good humor - and right now, I don't know which is my biggest problem. Maybe I should start adjusting by 15-minute increments - or maybe I should stop being such a grouch in the morning - or BOTH. Tomorrow I'll start working on both. Congrats on the water success.

Anonymous said...

The "What do they think we are animals??" still has me cracking up.

kristi said...

Great job!! I actually prefer my water to be just "cool" without ice. Otherwise, I end up freezing in my office when I drink a lot!

I gave up soda for lent. I went through this phase where I would have a Coke Zero with dinner nearly every night and that is a lot of soda for me. Then, I found I loved Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and was drinking several glasses a night from a two-liter. No no. Not anymore. I quit cold turkey and I don't even crave it now after the first couple of days.

I also seem to have a similar pattern with sweets. There will be times when I am totally craving a candy bar or something and other times where I could care less. Example, my Mom made delicious brownies when I visited and I only felt like having one. Winning!