Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's funny what dedication can do...

I lost 7.2 pounds this week! :)

I'm super happy right now.  Not because it's a big loss (although, let's be honest, that feels awesome).  Not because it's a lower number (although if my goal is to weigh less, this is a great start).  Not even because I got a five pound sticker.

But because I said I was going to do something and I did it.  Even when it was hard.  Even while having three dates - one of which was to watch the Broncos at our stadium for the playoff win (hello, beer and fatty foods much?).

What I love most is how I feel.  I have more energy and I just feel better inside my own skin.  I'm not as lethargic and I'm sleeping better.

So how'd I do it? 

Well, first, I tracked every single thing I ate.  Even when I overate.  I counted up the points whether I was within my target or not.  I think having to write down every bite helped me be more accountable and mindful of what was going in my mouth.  It made me pause and ask if I was really hungry or if I was feeling something else.

Some days I ate past my points target.  But invariably, the next day I under ate.  Not that it was intentional...it's just the way my body was.  One day I was super hungry and the next I wasn't.

So what'd I learn? 

That I can trust my body.  I still need to eat when hungry.  And I need to stop eating when I'm no longer hungry.  I need to be aware of where my calories are coming from - are they coming from higher protein foods so that I'll be satisfied longer?  Or are they coming from "empty" calories that probably won't last?

I learned that every day, without fail so far, I'm hungry at 10:15 AM.  So I have a snack prepared.  Sometimes it's a hard boiled egg.  Sometimes it's a piece of fruit.  But whatever it is, I have it ready to eat at 10:15.  Trying to white-knuckle it to lunch time leaves me feeling deprived.  Eating a snack mid-morning helps me feel more satisfied at lunch time.

My goal for this next week is to just keep tracking.  Typically tracking isn't my strong point, but I think that it's very helpful to be aware of what is going in my body.  It helps me ask questions like "Is this going to fuel me until I eat again?" "Am I hungry or do I want something else?" "What else have I eaten today that is healthy?"

Those questions (I think) are good no matter what program you're following or implementing.

It's week two of the new year, people.  How are YOU doing?


Keelie said...

But because I said I was going to do something and I did it.

YES. Yes, yes, yes.

That's it!!!! Keep on doing that!

I agree that tracking is essential and love what you had to say about being prepared for the times you get hungry and also the questions you are asking yourself.

Fabulous job--congrats on a great week.

christina said...

GREAT job! I was down 2.6 lbs in my weigh in today and even had an awesome aha moment...

Here is to another strong week!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Surely you meant 2.7 pounds? And don't call me Shirley!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Good for you!

Lily Fluffbottom said...

Awesome! That is the power of dedication. I love the beginning of a new year. Everything suddenly seems possible in a way that it didn't only a few weeks before. Keep on trucking!

MizFit said...

yes yes yes SFP.
you're on fire and it's only day (pauses to think) 11 of the year!


Cee said...

That is an awesome loss! WTG!
I finished my first week on WW last Thursday and one thing I noticed was that one day I would be starving and I would use a few weekly points and the next day it felt like a chore to eat all of my points.

Debbie said...

This was a great achievement and i am so glad to see your still going strong. You have to make real targets and choose the correct choices for yourself in life. Great work x