Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A constant struggle

Okay people. You might have noticed that my ticker made a GIANT step in the wrong direction this past week. I gained a bunch. A bunch of a bunch.

And I'm not shocked. First, I lost over 9 pounds in two weeks. Who does that in month 9 of their weight loss? Yeah - it might not have been the correct weight that second week.

Secondly, I ate like a FREAK last week. So go figure. I own this weight loss.

The thing is, I'm not doing great so far this week. I haven't eaten all of my extra points...but HOLY CRAP it's getting close! And I'm only on Tuesday.

The thing is, I want to be healthier. It's time to grow up and deal with stress in a good way, in a healthy way. I am not living that life right now.

So...this week, I'm going to brush off the ol' phone, my private blog, and even a handwritten journal. I'm making a conscious decision to stop the record that's been playing in my head...you know, that one that tells you that since you haven't ever stayed successful, you might as well give up and have a cookie now.

I hate that record.

I'm struggling. But I'm not defeated. And that is the difference between all the "other" times and now - aka the rest of my life.

I'm not a quitter.

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Bonnie said...

I'm very proud of you and the fact that you're not going to quit because of a little setback! You know what the problem is, now fix it! :)