Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 2

Is it just me or is the first day after a bunch of poor eating days the hardest? Seriously, after I come off of not making the wisest choices, I struggle that next day. I struggle with portion size, I struggle with making better choices, and I struggle to stay within my points range.

Well yesterday, I did it. I ate within my range - and when I recognized that I was still REALLY hungry with only 4 points left in the day, I ate the stuff that gave me the most filling foods for those 4 points.

Today I feel better. In fact, our work catered in lunch from Jimmy John's. Their food is sooo tasty (or so I think). But each and every sandwich has at least 13 points. So while all the other guys were just circling what they wanted on the menu, I asked for one without mayo, extra veggies, and vinagrette on the side. I made it into an 8 point sandwich and then only ate half.

I feel great about my choices.

I know I've said this before, but for the first 5 months, the choices were SO easy for me to make. These days, as "real" life has set in, I find it a little more difficult sometimes. I would've been much more tempted to scratch it and order "The Vito" from Jimmy John's...but since I had one "clean" day under my belt, I went with it.

It's a small victory, sure. But it's still a victory.

This morning the scale said I've lost half of what I gained last week...and that is progress, no matter how you count it.