Monday, February 15, 2010

I'll Love 'Em

As I wrote, Saturday I participated in the "Love 'Em or Leave 'Em 5K" in a small suburb of Denver.

My boyfriend and I drove down to the race where we FROZE waiting for the race to start. It was in the 30s, but because the wind was blowing so hard and the sun wasn't out, it felt much much colder. He didn't actually participate in the race (despite him being physically fit, he isn't much of a runner yet) but instead read a book in the warm car.

I appreciated his support so much. It helped knowing that while I was running this crazy, cold race, someone was waiting for me to finish. :)

My result was my fastest time yet. As I crossed the finish line, the lady yelled that I finished in 34'16".* I was thrilled. Up until now, my fastest time was 34'49" during the Turkey Trot in November of last year. The fact that I ran this race as fast as I did was pretty cool. The race was so poorly planned that there were a lot of injuries and a lot of confusion. The course was rocky and bumpy (like running through an abandoned field) and it was covered with ice in some areas. I saw at least five people trip, fall, or roll their ankles. They were accompanied by friends who helped them (or else I would've) but I hope that they were okay.

When I finished the race, we went out to breakfast and enjoyed a nice leisurely day. And that day? It led to the best morning that I've had in a while.

Because the next morning was Valentine's Day and the guy that I'm dating? He is absolutely wonderful. I've had my share of guys that have said that they loved me but didn't treat me like they did. My boyfriend? He does both. When I woke up the next morning to 5" of snow on the ground and was worried that I wouldn't get enough stuff done before being able to leave on my flight, he went outside and swept the snow off my car. Then he ran a quick errand for me and he even bought me breakfast and delivered it to me at a convenient intersection after I dropped off my dog just because he knew that I didn't have enough time to eat.

I love this man. And he loves me. It feels glorious to know that. So, when faced with the choice of loving him or leaving him? Well, I think I'll keep him.


Margie M. said...

Congratulations on the run!

P.S. Awesome boyfriend, too! Don't tell him...he may get a big old head!!! LOL

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Missa said...

How nice to love and be loved. Sounds like a great day. Congrats on improving your runtime!


POD said...

I am officially jealous. Of both your running capability and your BF who sounds wonderful. (but then, they all do at first...)

Kris said...

Anne---I loved reading this post. After the few conversations we have had about men and love, this post made my heart all warm and fuzzy for you!!! I am glad you are loved and glad you are loving! May it continue for years and years to come!

Lisa said...

i am amazed by all of you 5kers!! Way to go on improving your time!!

And woohoo on the awesome b/f! Does sound like a keeper!


Lyn said...

Your running is really inspiring. Even tho I will probably never run, I love reading about others doing it!

And congrats on the awesome catch. He sounds wonderful!

p.s... thanks for the comments. You know me too well.