Monday, February 8, 2010

You take the good, you take the bad...

This past week, I ran over 10 miles. It may sound like not a big deal to you, but it is to me. See, weeks when I run usually mean that I'm taking care of myself. On one hand, I suppose it's true. Me running or exercising more means that I'm doing something productive with anxiety levels - which have been sky high this past week. That's definitely a good thing.

But on the other hand, I completely went HAYWIRE in terms of my eating. I just couldn't shake the sugar monster - no matter how hard I tried. And that makes my body FEEL bad.

I tried to tell myself it was just one cookie - and who cares? I mean, if my body is craving it, isn't giving into one cookie not a big deal?

Typically the answer would be yes...but this past week it just made me want MORE sugar. I made myself take routes on the way home that weren't near DQ's and other hot spots of temptation, but I just couldn't stop thinking about the sugar. And eventually, I had it.

I guess that this past week I've realized that denying yourself isn't good, but neither is giving in almost every time. True, I didn't have the treat I really wanted every time (I only did that a few times), but even with the substitutions I had so much sugar that I was aware that I wasn't running the show - the sugar monster was.

I know this well enough to know that if I simply omit the sugar intake by just a few days, the cravings go away and I am once again sane around sugar.

I'm not promising to run as much as I did last week (I've got a crazy schedule ahead of me and it's snowing right now and will be snowing for the next few days apparently), but I am promising to get in exercise.

AND I am promising to give up sugar for at least a few days. I'm not saying that it will mean that I lose weight...but I know that I will feel better - and that is a really good change versus my dragging energy level these days.

What about you - do you notice yourself becoming addicted to certain substances/foods? If so, what do you do to combat the cravings?


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I'm reading THE END OF OVEREATING right now and it tries to explain the addictive qualities of fat, sugar and salt as well as how restaurants and the food industry manipulate their product to hook us ever more deeply.

Good job on the 10 mile milestone tho. That's awesome.

Misspudding said...

I have the same problem, with wheat/oats/anything with gluten in it. If I don't stop the cycle completely, it's impossible not to overeat, and that's where I am right now (damn Super Bowl...).

I think the 10 miles is a very good thing. Keep taking care of yourself and this will all just seem like a blip on the radar.

Missa said...

Ten Miles is brilliant. My food trigger is stress, not so much a particular food. If stressed, will eat, so I try to keep grab & go stuff around me within arm's reach.


The Babe said...

Have surgery. Oh wait, that's me.

Be proud of yourself. 10 miles is a huge accomplishment, and just that you recognize that you are being ridden by the sugar monster is wonderful. I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself and your right to feel good and get fit. Keep on keepin' on!

carla said...

you lost me with the running.


Im totally in awe.