Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy bee

I can't believe all of the stuff that I've done this past week.

Since you missed it, here's a recap:

  • Applied for (what feels like) 75,000 jobs
  • Received (what feels like) 75,001 rejection letters from various potential employers
  • Fought with a co-worker such that he is flying in (he lives out of state) to have a mediated discussion tomorrow morning
  • Sold my beautiful cherry wood sleigh bed because it wasn't as functional as one I bought at IKEA
  • Realized the headboard that I bought at IKEA does not fit my bedroom
  • Cried
  • Figured out a different way to make a headboard work in the master bedroom
  • Called my furnace guy two more times to come by and fix the ever breaking furnace in my house. This time, it should be fixed for good. (knock on wood)
  • Called an electrician to come out to my house and fix a light fixture in the basement that hasn't worked since I bought the house
  • Realized I must have a LOT of spiders in the basement because HOLY COW there are tons of spiderwebs!
  • Cried again
  • Rented a shop vac to get rid of all evidence of spider factory down in the basement
  • Rented a truck because the big stuff won't fit in my MINI
  • Made (what feels like) eleventy hundred trips to the storage unit to store literally half of my stuff so that my house looks more spacious.
  • Cut my finger on something
  • Caught the previously mentioned cut finger on EVERYTHING
  • Used paint thinner to take the "frosted window look" faux finish off all of my windows
  • Touched up all of the walls in my house
  • Touched up all of the trim on the exterior of my house
  • Washed my huge dog
  • Washed the huge dog's bed
  • Realized this morning that my dog either has yet another bladder infection *or* she's incontinent because she peed on said clean bed. FANTASTIC.
  • Washed the huge dog's bed (in progress)
  • Took said dog to the vet's office
  • Signed paperwork to put the house up for sale - tomorrow it will officially be listed!
  • Got all of the huge dog's stuff together so that it will be an easy transition to drop off and pick up the dog every day as long as the house is on the market. My place is 750 square feet. My dog is a 180 pound Great Dane. I don't think she'll help sell the house...
  • Found out that my boyfriend's grandpa will be having heart surgery on Friday. He's in his late 80s and is very frail.
  • Worried about whether having the dog over at my boyfriend's is a good idea - especially with all that he has going on.
  • Realized that I don't have many other options that are not really costly for the dog.
  • Cried again.

I know that after tomorrow morning I can officially breathe a bit easier. The co-worker who repeatedly does not show me respect will be here and we'll be able to hopefuly meet in the middle about some key things that make my job yucky. I know that my house will be as ready as it ever will be to be sold. And I know that having her with a day of antibiotics to clear up the UTI (which I hope that's all it is) will allow her to be potty trained during the day tomorrow.

I'm nervous about what is to come, but I feel like good things can and will happen. I need to belive that.

I know that I haven't done a great job with managing my stress levels. I weigh more than what I did two weeks ago and the idea of getting the poundage off seems next to impossible right now. I'm eating things out of convenience and (if I'm to be 100% honest) out of comfort.

I have my first 7K this weekend and have run 0.0 miles this week. ZERO! I'm sad about that, but events this whole week have kept me from being able to run at lunch - and then on the way home I've had meetings with the furnace guy, electrician, or realtor. By the time those appointments are completed, it's 7-8 at night and I still had a whole bunch more work to do on my house. Assuming my dog has a bladder infection, my lunch will be spent going home and letting her out to potty so that she won't have to hold "it" any longer than 4 hours.

If I play my cards right, tomorrow evening I can run - even if it's at the gym. I know that that will help me feel more with it. I know that it will help me take care of myself. And I know that it will help prep me for the run this weekend. I really, really, really want to run the whole thing.

I miss blogging. I miss running. I miss feeling peace. These things run together for me.

Hopefully, starting tomorrow, I can at least get into a schedule - if only for a little bit.


Missa said...

wow, you do have a lot on your plate. While you are washing the dog, why don't you take ten minutes and take a bath and soak away some of that stress!!


Margie M. said...

Take a deep breath. Exhale and say "if I can't get it done tomorrow, I'll get it done the next day."

All will be well, Grasshopper. In time....all will be well.

Margie M. writes at:

Misspudding said...


You have a lot going on. Just remember that it might not seem easy to take care of yourself right now but try.

A nice bath sounds like a good idea. :)

I hope tomorrow goes well and that you sell your house soon!

Tessa said...

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