Thursday, March 4, 2010

Picture this...

This summer marks seven years since I've been in Denver.

To even write that seems impossible - mostly because it means that I'm older than I remember I am. See, a large part of me still feels like I just graduated from college. And oh my gosh, I just had a vision of myself, at 18, rolling my eyes at the old fogies who were in their 30s thinking that they were still young.

All I'm saying is I *feel* young.

Anyway, 7 years ago, I smartly decided to get a Colorado drivers license. I couldn't wait to get rid of my Oklahoma drivers license and somehow getting a Colorado one made me feel more...well...Colorado-y.

Anyway, one day that I was wearing a suit, I decided to pop in to the DMV and get a new one. I stepped up, got my picture taken, and gave the guy all of my pertinent information.

That was almost 7 years ago. I've been living at my new address for over two years and I still haven't gotten a new one.

The thing is, I want a new drivers license. The picture from that day is one of the worst pictures of me. The address is wrong and I always worry when I get pulled over (which, admittedly has only been once since I moved) that they'll throw me in jail for not having an updated one. Also, my hair is now red - and the hair God gave me is blonde. So in that picture, I have blonde hair (which looks sort of greasy in it) and everytime I go through the airport, one of the TSA agents will usually comment on how much prettier it is now versus then.

So why don't I just go out and get a new one already?

I want the number that I tell the DMV guy for my weight to actually *be* my weight. And until that happens, I'm unwilling to get a new one - even though it's unlawful to wait.

I want to be able to proudly hand over my license and know that all information on there is true, not just my address. I want it so badly, I can taste it. And every time I have to pull out my license and see the old address and the old me, I get motivated all over again.


Tina said...

I hear you....I LONG to be the artificial weight on my license...but did you know that in CO you can pop in and get an address-change sticker to put on the back of your license? :o)

Margie M. said...

You say you feel young....well, you ARE young. :) I'm soon to be 59 and can't believe where the years have gone!

Margie M. writes at:

Amy Pousson said...

One more reason I love Iowa. No weight on your DL.

TinaM said...

No weight on the license here in Michigan either :) I do remember being nervous when i first got my license- thinking I had to tell them my weight, and then feeling SOOO relieved that it didn't matter lol.
Get a new license and when they ask your weight say "none of your damn business!" :)

The Babe said...

If it makes you feel any better, my driver's license has a flash-spot on it that makes me look like I'm missing a front tooth. :-)

Kellie said...

I love this post!

I too lied about my weight on my DL!

In August, I had to get a new DL and I SO didn't want to. My old DL was the best I had ever looked! My face was so thin. When I saw my new DL I about cried. Ugh.

Anyway, looking forward to the next time I have to get one! I'm counting on a skinny face! :)

Have an amazing weekend!!