Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Yippee!

Hello there! :)

So, first of all, I'm busting with excitement to tell you that after less than 7 days on the market, my house was officially under contract. I came away from it making a little money - even after commissions.

I'm ecstatic!

This decreases so much pressure on me, it's not even funny. I mean, my place is TINY. 744 square feet of tiny. So really, it's itty bitty. To give you an example, the following shot shows basically my whole place.

The picture is taken with the person standing at the front door. To the left is my bedroom. Behind the daisy paintings is the bathroom. The second bedroom (which is bout 8' x 8') is on the left behind my bedroom - and the room with the red wall in the back? Yes. That's the kitchen. The light at the back of the house is the light that comes through the back door.

That's my WHOLE place - in basically one shot.

And oh, the kitchen. THIS is the entire counter top space I have:

Not exactly conducive to cooking or baking. Things I actually like to do.

So I'm excited about my new place...wherever that might be. My buyer of this place is a single female and I hope that she loves it as much as she seems to. I hope she'll be happy in it. I hope it's good to her.

As for where I'll be moving to, well, that's a tricky question with a surprisingly not-so tricky answer. See, the buyer wants to close on April 20th...which is just 4 weeks away. And while that's exciting, it also doesn't leave much time for me to find a place that I love.

When I moved into my current place, it was because I was downsizing. I didn't know where to move, really. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I thought I'd be okay in a place that small. I thought I could make it work. I thought I could change me. I mean, it's super cute and in a trendy part of town. Who wouldn't love it? Why shouldn't I not love it?

But I didn't love it. Not really. And since I've been in it, I've made excuses for it. I've only had two people over to my house for dinner. That's it. Every time my mom, sister, or best friend has come in, we've fought because the place is SO small. With my 160 pound Great Dane added to the mix, we literally trip over one another.

I remember the first night I spent in that place, talking to my mom on the phone. I told her that I thought I had made a big mistake. I was worried.

And if I'm being honest with myself, I've been beating up myself for buying it. The place, without the light that I crave, depresses me. I apologize for my place - it's smallness, it's shared walls, and it's lack of light. I make excuses to not have people over.

My place and I are not a good fit.

This time around, I'm determined to not settle. I'm determined to be proud of where I live. I'm determined to love it.

I'm going to find a place of my own - one that has two real bedrooms, where the second one has enough space to put a guest. I'm going to find a place that has quirky character, but has good light (don't let the above pictures fool you, this place is DARK - it only has four small windows in the whole place).

Because I want to have the house that I want, I know I'll be moving to a much less trendy and chic part of Denver. I'm okay with that - as long as it's safe enough to run outside.

But that place, in the price range I can afford, might take a while to find. So what to do in the meantime?

I'll be living with Joe. He offered and I accepted. It may be for a few weeks and it may be for a few months. I don't know. But I know we'll figure it out.

During the past week and a half, I've only spent 2 nights at my house anyway. We're in his 1000 square foot loft in downtown Denver, sharing a bathroom, and we are still in love. Still happy.

Granted, it's only been a week and a half, but we've enjoyed it. And I'm confident that we'll enjoy it in the same way when I need to stay with him.

At the end of that time, when I find a place of my own? Well, if the living with him goes as well as I believe it will? Well, I'll ask HIM to move in with ME.

I feel at peace with this decision.

The future...I can't wait to see what it brings...


Margie M. said...

Terrific news on getting a contract on your house so soon! Take it from an old-hand at selling and buying properties...take your time and find the one that is suitable and right for you. Rash decisions or one based upon an emotional high when you walk in the door are sometimes bad decisions in the end. I think you'll know it when you see it, but still take a small bit of time to really think about it before signing on the dotted line. (they really aren't dotted, you know)

Good luck to you on this search for your dream home.

Margie M. writes at:

Misspudding said...

Excellent news! I hope you find something you really love. :)

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Mark and Joella said...

Yay!!! I hope you find a place you really love!