Thursday, December 23, 2010

Intuitive Eater's Holiday Bill of Rights (part 3)

Oooh...only two more days until Christmas!

On the off chance that someone is reading this looking for some clarity or support during the holidays, then I congratulate you!  You're turning to something other than food for support - and I know that's tough.

To go along with the last few posts about the Intuitive Eater's Bill of Rights (by Evelyn Tribole), I've decided to post some great ones.

Right #4: It is not your responsibility to make someone happy by overeating, even if it took hours to prepare a special holiday dish.

This one is hard for me.  I only visit my mom once a year.  And I can say that since arriving in El Paso, we're already going to have pies, cakes, chocolaty snacks, and great dips.  Stuff that I haven't had in over a year - stuff that I'm tempted to eat even if I'm not hungry - just because I won't have it for another year or so.

Moreover, I know my mom is making this stuff just for us.  And she's watching her weight - so she doesn't want tons of leftovers when we leave.

But guilt doesn't have to be a reason to eat.  In fact, I'm going to work hard to enjoy what I want - what my body is truly hungry for - and then pass on the rest.  I can always take containers home on the car ride back to Denver...I don't need to eat it then.

Right #5: You have the right to say "No thank you," without explanation, when offered more food.

I love this one.  I don't need to explain WHY I don't want more.  I don't need to apologize for honoring my hunger signals or my taste buds.  I've found that if I smile and say "no thank you" it's classier than giving a ton of "reasons" why I don't want to.  A simple "no thank you" will usually suffice.

Right #6: You have the right to stick to your original answer of "no," even if you are asked multiple times.  Just calmly repeat "no thank you, really."

If you have a Persistent Patty that's trying to push food on you, you can stick to your original answer.  You don't need to cave if you don't want to.  No time better to set boundaries than now, right?

THAT is a great gift you can give yourself for Christmas.  Your self respect, your self worth, and the knowledge that you (and your goals and your hunger levels) are worth respecting and listening to.


Lanie Painie said...

Again, thanks for the reality check. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your mom and sisters.

We will have to plan a Chicago get-together soon. Enjoy your health and your wonderful self!

Love love love!

Lou said...

Far out - I need to print these out on slips of paper and have them in my pockets tomorrow! Great 'rights'. Thanks for all your wisdom - happy holidays from New Zealand!

TinaM said...

More great tips, thank you!
I know you will do a great job :)
If your mom is also trying to loose, I'm sure she can appreciate your no thank you!

TinaM said...

*lose :)