Friday, July 16, 2010

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

Q: What does it feel like my thighs are going to be doing in about 2.4 seconds?

A: Blowin' in the wind.


Well, because my FAVORITE pair of jeans are SO worn in the thigh area that I'm just expecting them to rip open any minute.

The last time I wore them, I noticed they were getting a bit threadbare. That was Wednesday. I washed them yesterday.

I put them on this morning and didn't think much about it - mostly because I was running late. But on the 4 block walk to the parking garage I was aware that things felt...well...different there.

When I finally sat in my car, I noticed that they are so pilled and threadbare that I could actually feel the pills of denim through my jeans. Classy, no?

I'm almost afraid to get up from my desk and walk anywhere - any added friction will likely cause them to either:
a) rip upon impact or
b) burst into flames

Scale this morning says I'm up a few pounds from Tuesday morning weigh in. Also, I'm sporting some zits on my face that are so big they're starting to think for themselves.

Lastly, in the category of "things that suck", I may or may not have forgotten deodorant today.*

So basically, my self confidence? A mite low.

*I'm not sure if I forgot it or I broke out in a cold sweat worrying about my jeans making it through the day. Luckily, although I don't have an extra pair of jeans, I *do* have a locker in our shower room where I keep extra deodorant. Thank GOODNESS!


Fat Girl vs. World said...

Yep... been there. done that... tried to repair it... it never works...

Ugh. My favorite pair of relaxed gap jeans are in the same condition. I just need to throw them out and move on.

maybe you just gave me the motivation to do so

Mandy said...

Okay, first...your jeans need to go. It's hard, but it really hurts when it rips up there and then the skin sticks out and looks worse.

Second: Zits mean you're young!

Third: Zits weight more than fat!

Fourth: If you start to smell yourself, say, "WOW! SOMEbody stinks!"

Fifth: Make your jeans into a purse! That would make your pants more fun!

Lesia said...

good luck sweetie. Hope you make it home and then THROW those jeans

Lanie Painie said...

I think you may need new jeans.

Happy Fun Pants said...

Uh, I DEFINITELY need new jeans.

I just didn't notice that they were *that* threadbare until I was in my car on the way to work.

I just hope that they hold out until I can get home from work.

Tiny little strands of fabric have never had to work so hard - of this, I'm sure.

Katy said...

ahhhhhh, yep, been there! I had the best pair of jeans, actually from target. I wore them all the time, even got 2 pair cause I knew I'd wear through them. When my last pair was about to burst, I was literally willing them to stay intact! It's bad when they become sort of see through in the thigh area. I'm so glad we have a place to talk about these things! lol

Jams said...

The bright note...

It's FRIDAY!!!! I hope it gets better lady!

Kris said...

ummm, Anne, is it ok that I am laughing?!?!?! I like Mandy's idea...make the jeans into a purse; the zits...I think you have some good 'ol MK for that; I am glad you found some D.O. because that is just gross ;o)!!!

TinaM said...

Sorry you are having a bad day, but happy that you still have a sense of humor about it!!!
If they rip, just laugh and tell your co-workers "That one was free, next time I'm going to have to charge!"
Have a great weekend :)

GeorgiaBE said...

You’ve been awarded the versatile blogger award by me! Check it out:

Hate the pant thing...patched up more than I can count before giving them up to the fave pant gods.

Waisting Time said...

Nothing worse than the end of a great pair of jeans! I still mourn a pair that I tore beyond wear almost 20 years ago:(