Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday thoughts

This morning I ran a deliberate 5K - meaning that I set out to see what I could do. 3.11 isn't the farthest that I've gone using my Nike+, but during the other times I would walk quite a bit of it. Today, other than the 30 seconds or so that I spent walking at the beginning, I ran the entire thing.

And I felt great.

I make a lot of jokes on my other blog about the movie "Beaches." But I heart that movie. Really. In fact, I downloaded the soundtrack this past week...and one of the songs on it is "I've Still Got My Health" which is about this woman who isn't necessarily attractive, doesn't have a lot of money, but at least has her health. Today that completely resonates with me.

I have to say that while things in my life seem full of turmoil right now, at least I have my health. Running helps remind me of that...and it is such a gift.

In other news, after about 4 hours of conversations to our two insurance companies at work and countless phone calls to therapists who either don't have evening hours, take one but not both insurances that are needed (our benefits company is STUPID in how they set it up), I think I've found a therapist. Part of me is excited and part of me is scared. I'm writing about this on this blog because, to be honest, so many of the issues that I have battled in my life I have chosen to deal with by trying to eat through them. And I know that seeing a therapist who will help me process through those things will be so very useful.

Blizzard and fast food update: Still haven't indulged in that way this week. I know that food can be an addiction, and to be honest, it is for me. Blizzards/blasts/ice cream-y things with stuff mixed in are HUGE red light foods for me. They're foods that I have a hard time having just one of...and when I do, I'm literally thinking about when the next time that I can have it. So cutting that out is big for me.

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Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, we should appreciate how lucky we are being able to run at all! Great reminder and good luck with the therapist (eek!).