Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, I wouldn't say it was fantastic...

...because it wasn't.

LOOOONG story short, NOTHING happened. Basically, we went out to eat, he took me back home, and then said that he was exhausted. And he was. I could tell. Apparently the night before got about 2 hours of sleep due to tossing and turning.

And I get it.

But I'm still disappointed.

And I'm so glad that I wrote what I did when I did. Because I remembered asking myself if I really thought that things would've been different if I was thinner...and quickly came to the conclusion that they would have not been different. The guy just needed his sleep.

Personally, I can count on one hand how many times I've been *that* tired that I couldn't even mess around...but to each their own. It did bother me enough (just because I was concerned that there wasn't a match) to bring it up and talk with him about it. The result of that conversation? I know he *does* find me attractive. I actually said something like "I'm relieved to hear it" and he was all "Why would I keep going out with you if I didn't?"

Which, basically, sums up the difference between guys and girls.

I guess I have a lot to learn.

In other news, I gained a crapload of weight this week. I don't know what happened to my resolve, but I ate whatever the heck I wanted - consequences be damned! Unfortunately, it didn't stop on Monday night when I weighed has continued through last night.

But today the eating has been on par - and I even ran for 2 1/4 miles at I guess that's good.

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Fat[free]Me said...

To be honest, I don't think guys are that worried about weight as much as we think and are usually always happy to make out if the oportunity arises no matter the size of the woman.

But something is obviously getting in the way, whatever it is, it is his issue and not yours. Maybe his own anxieties - that lack of sleep could be an indication of something.

Looking at your pictures of your at your races, you look fabulous and any man would be very lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend.