Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feel Good Weekend

This weekend was a pretty good weekend - all things considered.

First, I got to hang out with some friends on Friday night. It was SO good for my soul. I hung out with two ladies at one of Denver's most happening jazz clubs. We sat in a booth and got to listen to some great live jazz - and I loved every minute of it.

See, years ago I decided to date a musician - actually he was a friend of one of the ladies that I hung out with on Friday. The musician (Jon from the post a few below this one) and I had a year and a half relationship that ended when he cheated. And while I did basically nothing to deserve that treatment, it was I who was ostracized from our friends. These women are wives and girlfriends of the guys in the bands that Jon was they had to remain in close contact with him.

And since I didn't want to be in contact with him, my contact with them has been limited. One of them (the one who I was friends with before) is still a friend of mine, but she's a single mom with two kids. Her life is hard to plan stuff around and basically, she does the best she can with fitting in social stuff. The other one, I mainly saw at gigs, so it's no surprise that seeing her would decrease.

ANYWAY, hanging out with them was so great. We talked about old times, about the ex's current girlfriend, and about my current boyfriend. We bopped to the music and we watched the sexiest man I have ever seen dance on the dance floor. It was fantastic.

Two highlights of the night: the husband of one of the ladies walked right past me without saying hello. I thought that maybe he was just in a hurry. About a half hour later, he came up and hugged me. I had, apparently, lost so much weight and had grown my hair out (it was SHORT when he knew me) that he didn't recognize me. How cool is that?

The second highlight was that I was hit on. And in a very "I'm looking you up and down" sort of way. I hardly ever go out into clubs or bars - mostly because that's never been my thing. So to have my first time out like that in about a year and a half to end with a guy checking me out and asking for my number was definitely a high. I'm not really sure where stuff might go with Joe and knowing that I could hold my own on a night out was definitely a plus.

Secondly, I went shopping at Victoria's Secret today. And wow oh wow did I go a little crazy.

See, I've only purchased a few bras in the last few years...and all of them were because I kept going up in size. Well, 90% of the bras I own don't fit anymore- they gape in the cup area and I have to put them on the tightest fitting around my ribs (and even then they're too big). And my underwear? Well, let's just say, MANY pairs were due to be replaced.

So when I was checking out, the sexy lady behind the counter asked if I was going on a honeymoon. And I said, "No. I just lost a bunch of weight - and it was time to get new sexy underwear." She congratulated me and it felt so good. I'm not going on a trip to love someone else...but I am loving my body.

I recognize that there are cheaper bras and undies to be bought out there. And I will definitely supplement my wardrobe with those too. But this trip to VS? It was all for me. It felt luxurious. I've wanted to do something to help me feel sexy. As my boobs are starting to droop with all the weight loss, I was looking for outer packaging that helps me feel like I'm still sexy - sagging skin and all.

In the end, I bought WAY too many bras. I bought a few sexy ones and a few more practical ones. I got home, pulled them out and then tried on every other bra I had in the house - and guess what? Some of the new ones HAVE to go back. I found two that I had from before I got bigger that will do.

But when I hit my goal weight? One of the first things I'm going to do is to celebrate and buy all new undies/bras. A major reward for a major goal.


Misspudding said...

Yay! :)

And boo for saggy boobs after weight loss. They should invent an iPhone app for that...:P

Kris said...

Is it weird for me to say I want to see all your pretty new stuff??? Maybe that would improve my sex life...if I felt pretty in my stuff....or about myself. It is a journey!