Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They're just numbers (take 2)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I started to realize that numbers don't define me, my happiness, or my enjoyment.

Well, this past week, I lost 0.2 pounds.

I've recently realized that I don't care much about what the scale says. I'm still weighing in - mostly because it's a way to benchmark where I've been and a firm way to measure progress. But I guess as long as the general trend shows downward, I don't really care what the individual week by week losses or gains are. Basically, for me, the scale has turned into being a tool that reflects back what I already know. If I gain weight in a week, I know it for the most part. I know when I've eaten portions that are more than what I should be having. I know when I've not been exercising. And I know when I feel healthy.

The loss of "only" 0.2 indicates the extra Halloween candy I had last week while at work. It shows how I did ZERO exercise last week. ZERO! And with the boyfriend gone, I had many opportunities to exercise, but I just didn't.

I guess what I'm surprised about is that I'm not taking the weight loss personally. I'm not really tied emotionally to that number.

It used to be that when I'd have losses that were big or any gain, it immediately affected my mood. Now I just look at the numbers and am aware of what I need to do to either repeat that loss/gain or change it. It's a tool for feedback - nothing more.

It's like the average miles per gallon readout on my car. If I want to get higher MPG, I need to decrease my aggressive driving. That's it. Crying about it doesn't help. Being mad about it doesn't help and beating myself up over it DEFINITELY doesn't help.

It's data.

For me, I think that this realization is key. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely still want to reach my goal by my birthday next year. And I'd LOVE to pass the 55.6 (which is halfway to my goal) by Halloween.

I've figured out that having and reaching benchmarks are just measurable gauges that help pontificate the immeasurable changes that are going on.


Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, you are so right, for me, although delighted at scale rewards, what really gets me excited are the other achievements. Being able to do so much more, getting my health back and out of danger, feeling more energetic, those are really what matter and have been the best thing out of all of this.

If the scales go down, well good, but if they don't well - who cares? I can go for a great run or a fabulous hike and I couldn't do either 6 months ago!

Misspudding said...

Wow. What a healthy attitude, girl! I'm not there yet but it's awesome to hear how far you've come.

Keep it up!

POD said...

What if you were talking about your IQ?

With all the running and things you do, I'd not worry about the numbers either. It's how your clothes fit and if you're having a heart attack lifting your butt off the toilet.

When you say the boyfriend is gone, you just mean temporally?

happyfunpants said...

Sorry..."the boyfriend gone" comment meant when he was in New York...not that he is gone out of my life.

We're still happily dating. :)

Mari Ann said...

I know you can do that and you can achieve that goal! Just take it personally and you'll happily see the results :-)

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