Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mixed bag

I've got many things on my brain right now...

The first is that my awesome boyfriend is going on a trip with a friend of his to New York City. They're going to go see a show, going to go to a hockey game, and going to visit the crap out of many museums. I'm envious, but so happy that he (and they, really) get to go and experience this together. I know I will miss him (it'll be about a week until I see him again)- mostly because things have been really great recently (I mean, they were great and now they're really great!) and it's been nice to see him as often as I have been. But I'm also really looking to my alone time this weekend. I'm looking forward to having a day where I'm lounging in my fun pants and not doing anything - or at least not much of anything. And that's going to be nuturing for my soul too - just as much as being with him is nurturing. In fact, if things go well, this blog will get a much needed makeover this weekend. I hope it looks as great as I want it to! I also will get to dive into a book that I've been excited to read when I had the time to be mindful about the advice in it.

The second thing is that I'm going shopping for pretty unmentionables this weekend. :) Sure, the boyfriend gets to reap the benefits of it, but primarily, it's a treat for me. I love feeling beautiful, powerful, and sexy in sexy underthings. It's been a while since I've treated myself to them...mostly because as I've been losing weight, I didn't want to spend the money. I'm still not going to go crazy and buy a bunch of items (because I'm not done with my weight loss journey yet)...but a sexy new bra and a few sexy panties are going to be the perfect boost and compliment to my healthier body.

Thirdly, my eating has been a little off so far this week...and my exercise has been down - as in non-existent so far this week. I haven't weighed myself since Monday, but I'm confident that it's more than last week. So, I'm going to do the healthy thing and run at lunch and pay special attention to eating when I'm not really hungry. The wonderful thing is that I haven't been eating for emotional reasons AT ALL this week...and I know that that is progress.

Things seem to be moving along smoothly as they have been the last few weeks. It has felt decadent to be living in the moment, without fear (or at least much fear) of the future, and without regret (or at least much regret) from my past. I know what it feels like to live the other way and I much prefer this feeling.

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Amy Pousson said...

hooray for sexy underthings!

and awesome job on not eating for emotional reasons this week. that's HUGE! as in awesome huge...