Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cherry Creek Sneak, take 2

This past weekend, I ran the Cherry Creek Sneak, which can either be a 5K or a 5 mile run.

Last year, I did the 5K - and walked the entire thing due to some knee pain that I was having. This year, I did the 5 mile run.

Had I ever ran five miles at once? No. But I've come close and figured that it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Just so you know, I was STUPID. So whatever you do, if you want to run 5 miles on any given morning, do NOT do what I did. What I did do was go to Hacienda Colorado (a local Mexican restaurant) and overate the night before. In addition to eating a ton of chips and almost my whole entree, I had two (count 'em TWO) margaritas. I did not drink enough water.

I woke up with a headache hangover. Because I was still full from the night before, I didn't eat anything.

But I ran anyway.

Again, not a smart way to start a run.

The parking for this thing is ca-razy so Joe was nice enough to drop me off near the start line. He's done this at one previous race - the plan is: he drops me off, parks and reads a book, and then picks me up when I'm done.

Around mile 4.5, I was completely out of steam. And that's when I heard "Yay Anne! Keep going! You're doing great!" I turned my head - sure that it was someone else calling out to their friend - when I saw Joe, cheering just for me.

It felt amazing.

I picked up my pace and kept going strong to the end - where I finished in a little over an hour.

You may notice from the graph that it says I ran 5.5 miles. Some of that is probably attributed to the fact that when you're running in races, you can't really run in a straight line. There is a lot of running around people who are walking or pushing strollers...and sometimes you have to take the longest path between two points (kind of like the runners on the outermost lane of the track). I also am not 100% certain that my Nike+ is calibrated correctly when I'm running on the road. On the treadmill it's right on...but on the pavement? Maybe my path is wonky.

But I finished. I ran the whole thing.

Anyway, when we got back home, I made Joe take a new picture of me - since last year's race was where I opted to draw the comparison between my "before" picture and my "during" picture. Sorry the picture of me is so dark...Joe took it with his iPhone (known for it's handy apps, not necessarily for it's pretty picture taking).

Without further ado, here are my progress pictures:

This picture was taken early spring of 2008:

This picture was taken just after the Cherry Creek Sneak, end of April of 2009:

And this one? Taken Sunday - after the Cherry Creek Sneak, April 2010:

Not a lot of difference between the last two pictures...probably only 10 pounds, but I definitely have toned! My legs are smaller...and I tried to position them similar to how I had them in the first picture...with one leg slightly in front of the other one. I tried to hold my arms out to show the actual outline of my body, but the large shirt just kind of hung off of them making me look a tad disproportionate.

At first I was bummed because I wanted accurate during pictures - and then I realized that if it really is about health, this time around, then who cares about accuracy in pictures? I feel better, I run farther, I'm in better shape, and I am happier.

THAT is what success looks like anyway.


~Lesia and Clay~ said...

Holy crap...YOU are amazing...You look great and I can only dream of doing what you did. Way to go! Because I can't walk very far AT ALL. I got permission to ride my 3 wheel adult bike in the 5K WW walk here in SLC in June. I can't wait to be able to celebrate with my other support members when they cross that line. I know I will never be able to walk a distance more than maybe .3 miles but I have the desire to if that counts...Love your blog.

Katy said...

You look GREAT Anne!! Ooh, Hacienda before the race sounds both awesome and rough. Very proud of all you have done!

Margie M. said...

OMG...the difference is amazing in the first pic to the third. And I can see a difference in your face from the 2nd to the 3rd pic. Your face is certainly a little thinner with those 10 lbs. gone.

Awwww....Joe cheering you on is so sweet. Hang on to him!!! There aren't many like that around.

Congratulation on finishing the race, too. I almost forgot that part. :)

Margie M. writes at:

Kellie said...

Awww! That is so cool! I love that he gave you the extra push you needed! :)

You look fabulous by the way!! :)



julielopez3 said...

Way to go!
You look amazing!
Great job on running the intire way. One day I hope to be able to run that far. Keep up the great job.
Oh and so cool Joe was there to cheer you on in the end. My husband was at the end of my first 5k and it is the boost you need at the end.

Misspudding said...

Yay! You look great! :)

Oh, and same thing happened with my race on Sunday! Anthony and Larry went off for a couple of hours and they were there for me right before the finish line! So awesome and I didn't expect it. :)

Lynda with a Y said...

I really like your blog. Where do I click in to become a "follower"? Because I want to follow you. I love those progress pics and I do want to run a 5K someday...