Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Running Recap

So this past weekend, I ran in another 5K - the Das Hustlehoff run which was in honor of Oktoberfest - and apparently David Hastlehoff.

We had to pick up our free t-shirts on Friday night (along with our numbers and our timing chips) and I have to say, I was pretty bummed with this year's shirt choice.  LAST year, it was a dark, long sleeved shirt with "RUNNER" on the back - as if it were letters on a Colorado license plate.  It was like the coolest running shirt I've ever seen.

This years? Not so much. 

So I decided to not run in it. :)  Instead, I picked a shirt that I got a few weeks ago when my younger sister was in town - I needed the motivation and the support that I felt from the shirt. 

Truthfully?  I was worried.  The last race I ran was in April.  But at that time, I was in much better shape...I've really fallen off the racing band wagon this summer - blaming it on the heat outside and the fact that I left my gym membership expire. 

Well, that and while picking up the shirt from the Oktoberfest, I had two beers and a brat - not exactly great pre-running fuel.

Before the race, while stretching, I noticed two girls who were giggling at the costumes.  Sure, there were people in German outfits.  But there were also people in Baywatch outfits, people attempting to look like Hastlehoff in Night Rider, and people looking like the David that was drunk and eating a cheeseburger off the floor (even holding a cheeseburger!).  Let's just say I've seen enough speedos to last me another year.

Anyway, I chatted up the girls, made some jokes, and then we started the race. I passed them at first (which is pretty standard...there were four of them by the time the race started...and sometimes that makes people slower).

I was surprised to notice that the route changed from last year.  Last year, the route was pretty flat.  This year, the route took us up and down (TWICE) 20th street - which has a steep gradation - as well as a big hill up 15th to pass over I-25 (near the Highlands for you Denver-ites).  It was tough.  And at the top of 15th, I stopped running.  I had to walk.

A few steps into walking, and two of the girls (the original two that I chatted up before the race), said "Come on!  You're at the top of the hill!  YOU CAN DO THIS!"

And I did.

I started running again...and kept pace with them almost all the way to the finish line.  I learned that they were training for a half marathon and that they ran together often.  I learned that they were BFFs and they learned my name and that I was going to eat a pancake after the race. :)

The last big hill, I stopped and walked about 100 yards from the top.  I just couldn't keep running.  As soon as it leveled off, I ran to the finish line.

My time?  34:05 - best officially timed 5K pace.

And I'm proud.  I'm proud that I raced, proud that I finished, and proud that I PR'd.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

WOW! Great job!!! You have every right to be very proud :)

The Hasselhoff part was funny...holding cheeseburgers? Did they eventually eat them?

Way to go!

Lanie Painie said...

You go girl! So much to be proud of!

Lesia said...

woo--hoo! love the braids too.

Katy said...

SO awesome!! Especially with the heat this weekend!

Julia said...

Congrats that was an awesome job! I would have died laughing at all those "Hoffs".

Karen said...

Great job! I keep thinking about starting running. And every post like this one brings me just a bit closer to trying it myself.

Jams said...

and I'm super proud of you!!!! Way to go on the PR and I love the braids.

Val @ Balancing Val said...

Awesome job! I wish i could run a 5k one day:)

christina said...

That is a great time for a 5K... thats awesome!

I have ran a few 5ks and a 10k... I run in a t-shirt that has my first name on it... makes a huge difference because those on the sidelines and other racers encourage you by your name.

I can relate to the two girls - I am training for my first half marathon right now (oct 16th). I met someone through my preschool playgroup that had the desire to learn to run too - we arent runners. So we started to train together. In the past monthe we have gone from only being able to run 2 laps to doing a 12 mile training run this coming friday... and have become VERY good friends along the way. I am so grateful to have her in my life and to think 3 months ago I didnt even know her!

Keep up the good work!

TinaM said...

Awesome job!!!!

That's funny, The Hoff was on Dancing with the Stars last night, and that is all I could think about, him on the floor with that cheese burger.

Tracey said...

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