Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a winner!

In general, I am unlucky.

Like, you know those silly church raffles where you pay $1 and hope to win a basketful of Michael Bolton cassette tapes or a maybe even a monogrammed Bible cover? Well, despite entering about eleventy hundred church raffles, I never matter how times (or how genuinely) I sang "He's Got The Whole World (In His Hands)." For those that know the song I'm talking about, you should take note that I EVEN DID THE HAND MOTIONS TO THAT SONG. And what did I get for my troubles? NADA. You'd think that I would've at least won a pencil with "Jesus Loves You" on it. But NO!

Or how about when the emcee of a conference encourages you to look under your chair for a colored piece of paper taped to the bottom... clearly indicating that you've won something cool like the "Back to The Future" Trilogy? Yeah. Despite my best attempts, I've never sat in that chair.

I've never won anything on a lottery ticket and I never get a parking space close to the front of the store. I always pick the security line at the airport with the most anal retentive TSA agent. I've never gotten two of anything at a vending machine due to malfunction of the coil.

What I'm trying to say is that, in general, I'm unlucky.

But folks, not today. Or maybe yesterday. Because Sam over at Believe in Yourself hosted a blog makeover and MINE was selected.

I *could* be more excited, but they'd probably ask me to leave work because I'd be piddling all over the carpet in my cube. And no, that's not code for anything.

I don't know how long it will take to sport my new look, but I think we can all agree that a new look for this blog is VERY overdue.

Thank you, Sam! You totally made my day. Also, you just proved that maybe, just maybe, Jesus DID like the hand motions. In fact, delayed satisfaction is probably what Jesus has been trying to teach me all along.

Some of this post actually first appeared on my other blog. I feel a bit I stole something. But then I remembered that if I did steal something, I actually stole it from me. So now I feel righteous AND offended. Great. Thanks, Jesus.


Dani @ WRW said...

Loved the funny! Made my day!

Congrats on the blog makeover!

Lanie Painie said...

That is super cool! I wanna win!

Lesia said...

Ok again thanks for another amusing date night with my hubby reading me your hilarious blog post. I so look forward to reading your post. What will I do while I am computerless next week? I will be on vacation in San Diego and I will miss your writings just know that when I get back I will be picking up where I last

Brandy said...

Jesus, always getting the bad rap! lol j/k Same here though I never win and when I have it didn't amount to much. But this is awesome! Glad you won. :)

Ginger said...

yay!! you are a winner!!! cant wait to see the makeover!!

verif word: butbula - another word for the butt hula lol