Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday I ate like complete crap pretty much all day.

I didn't feel good, but somehow wanted the extra food to decrease the pounding headache that I had had for three days straight.

It didn't fix it.

I knew it probably wouldn't.

But I still couldn't stop eating.

This roller-coaster of eating well and then not eating well is killing me. I feel like I just can't catch my breath - in one way or another.

I'm trying to figure out what feelings I was tampering down with the extra food, but I'm not coming up with anything.

So today, I start anew. Again.


Lyn said...

For me, the best way to figure that out is to stop eating. I mean, eat your regular meals but when you get that URGE to eat and eat, stop. Sit down and feel whatever it is. It will manifest itself after awhile if you don't shove it down with food.

And your story about Joe was really sweet :)

christina said...

I have been doing pretty good lately and then last night BAM! I must have consumed about a 1000 calories after dinner. And I wasnt even hungry - I just couldnt stop. I think I narrowed it down though to all emotional eating. I babysat my 6 month old niece yesterday with my own 3 year old and I felt like a giant failure - we are thinking of having another kid and it felt like I failed the trial bigger family... I couldnt get anything done, I snapped at my son for things I would never normally snap at him... I just felt like a HUGE failure and horrible mom. And I ate and ate and ate... when I should have instead went for a run and destressed...

Tricia said...

today is a new day :)

Ginger said...

sounds about right. we ended up eating later last night some yummy homemade pizza and i just couldnt stop snacking ugh! working it off today though.

here's to a new day *woot woot* shake a leg!!

Waisting Time said...

Been there, done that, wondered the same. Sigh.

TinaM said...

I just came out of about 2 weeks of that. It got worse every day until I finally hit rock bottom and ate so much that I was stuffed in a way I hadn't been since before this journey... and I wondered the EXACT SAME THING, even writing a post called "I'm Not Depressed!"

I don't know what it was, maybe just that addiction to food coming out... but I came out of it, And I KNOW you can. Today is another day... don't let it turn into WEEKS like I did!!!!

Veggie85 said...

If you have problems with headaches, make sure that you are getting enough water. :) I hope you feel better and have a better day today.

The Babe said...

I'm having the same problem right now, which is why I was SO looking forward to the class that got cancelled for today on emotional eating.

You know, that class is for both WLS and non-surgical weight loss. Let me know if you're interested in going and I'll send you any info when I get it.

Bariatric Babe

Lala said...

Ack, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with that. My feeling is that like everything else in life, we have our good days and our bad days. I think Lyn's suggestion is a good one, and one I want to try myself. I tend to stuff down my emotions with food, but sometimes I don't know what those emotions are. Also, I tend to overeat when I feel exhausted in the hopes that it will bring me more energy. I bet your headache might have something to do with it! But, be kind to yourself and remember this is a pebble, not a boulder!

Jams said...

Take a deep breath and relax. Instead of giving into that urge to eat, sit down, think, and write. About whatever... it doesn't have to be about food or even about your feelings.

Just find a way to do something other than the food. We're all going to have these days where we eat without control... Are you familiar with Jen ( She just saw a counselor about her eating and the counselor told her this:

“Normal people make choices Jen. Normal means sometimes having too many desserts. And then choosing not to have dessert for a couple of days. Normal means sometimes having too many carbs. Normal means allowing yourself to just flow with it and not concentrate on what is “good food” and “bad food.” Normal is making a choice.”

You are "normal." That's good news, right?! :)

McCulley's said...

I have finally figured my trigger this week.....It is the STUPID CHECKBOOK! I can deal with being sad, angry happy, but when I feel stressed I still have not mastered the eating thing! So that is the challenge this week, master not eating the delectable stress as much as it calls my name!

Amanda said...

I have done some of my most self-destructive behavior when happy. It comes from a fear of getting the things I want. I'm not saying that is the case for you, but it's not an idea mentioned yet. Just a little something to think about, just in case it strikes a chord with you.

I second that water suggestion for the headaches too. Hopefully you're doing better now.