Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No, I won't videotape it

Let's just get this said right off the bat: No, I won't ever let you see me doing it.

On my birthday, my wonderful boyfriend got me a Wii. He bought the Wii for me because he thought that I would like it. I was debating getting one last winter for the Wii Fit sales that were going on before Christmas. The thing was, at the time, I couldn't figure out which "games" would help me get the best work like many other situations, I just didn't make a decision and didn't buy one.

But make no mistake, I think that he also got it because he wanted to play some games. Although in fairness to him, he hasn't yet played anything on it (other than the first night when we bowled and golfed and played tennis with it).

So a few weeks ago, I decided that playing Super Mario Brothers probably wasn't the best use of my time (but OH WOW is it fun - it brings back memories!). So I decided to get a workout "game."

I've seen a lot about the Wii Fit, EA Active, and The Biggest Loser games...but I didn't know which would work the best. So I asked my virtual workout buddy, Krissie, and she recommended The Biggest Loser games. Only from some of the reviews, it appears that some things are hard to do without a pocket in your workout clothes and that you can't use your real weight or name when you're "competing."

And I clicked from review to review until I finally found myself SERIOUSLY considering something that I swore I would never participate in:

Dance Dance Revolution.

I'm sure where you can see this going...I bought the game. Again, I'll just tell you right now: No, you still can't watch me.

For those that aren't familiar with this game, it started out in arcades where tweens hang out. The machine, at the arcades, look like this.

Kids hop on this thing, put in their allowance, and music starts. The object of the game is to follow the instructions on screen to know which arrow to step on at the right beat. You may have noticed from the picture that there are two little pads - which means that some other kid (who might have stolen the money from his parents) can also put in money and challenge the first kid.

The screen looks like this: So basically the arrows float up and you have to step on the correct arrow on the pad underneath you at the exact time that it lines up with the area up top. In the screen shot shows two people competing and the "PERFECT!" written in the middle of the screen indicates that both players stepped at the perfect time.

To be clear, I don't see that message often. And no, I won't videotape it and send it to you.

So the game came to my house (I ordered it online)... it has a disc and a mat that kind of looks like this:

And when you plug it in, it has a set up like this:

Only at my house, as far as I know, we don't have teenage boys. And we have a huge TV that is not on a wooden stand. And I'm trying to peek above my dog's GIANT head (she is a HUGE Great Dane that even when she's laying down can somehow manage to block the TV).

I tried it out during Memorial Day weekend for the first time and since I couldn't bribe Joe to leave our place, I tried to pretend that he wasn't there. On the couch. Watching my every move. Remembering that he is the stereotypically whitest boy on the planet (and thus has ZERO ability to shake his groove thing to any music without looking like he's getting hit with a taser gun) also helped.

The first time, I didn't use the instructional video. I figured that I was relatively talented, so I should be able to just pick a song and KNOW how to do it.

Turns out, that's not so much true.

So I'm hopping, jumping, and trying to keep up with some beats and I'm laughing - hysterically - because I look like one of those marionettes where the human controlling them is just bouncing them up and down.

And really, please stop asking: I won't videotape this and post it.

Eventually, I have gotten the hang of it and can even "dance" to a few songs without too much difficulty.

But the best part? The songs.

That's right, I'm dancing to such hits as "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross and "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. Rhianna's "Disturbia" and Duran Duran's "Hungry Like a Wolf" is also on there. There are a lot of popular songs on this version (names that I'm too old to remember) that are fun to dance to.

And I'm not even kidding you - Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna' Give You Up" cracks my shizzle up as I'm dancing on this.

But you know what? It's fun.

I don't break a huge sweat (at least at the level I'm at) and there are some longer pauses in between songs than what I'd like...but it's better than the couch and it's more fun than I thought I would have.

I decided that as much as I love running, I wanted something to do to exercise-wise when I don't feel like running. This fits the bill.

Now it's your turn:

What kind of non-traditional exercise things do you do? And if you have a Wii, I would LOVE to know what your take is on exercise games that you have tried. I'm looking for things to break a sweat but will still be fun.

I'd LOVE to hear your opinions!


SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

I Love that you DDR. I'm so not coordinated enough to be able to do that! I have a wii but we don't use it very often. I mostly just use it for my weekly weigh ins.

I have EA active but I also haven't used it much since it involves a lot of jogging and i'm pretty sure the man that lives below me would be less than happy about that.

I have a game called "Just Dance." The game-i-ness of it is non-existent since the scoring crazy. But it is fun and I definitely work up a sweat.

Dani @ WRW said...

I have Biggest Loser on the wii and the Wii Fit Plus games. The Wii Fit Plus appeals to the kids more so than me but I do think it's really cute and fun to do every once and a while.

I hate that the Biggest Loser isn't personalized. You do have to pick one of the actual contestants instead of playing as yourself.

Other than that, the BL game is successful where the Wii Fit Plus ones are not ... as in they make me sweat and I DO feel like I get a work out. Not as intense as if I'd gone to the gym but I'm actually usually sore in a "different" way, if that makes any sense. It's GREAT for when you just can't make it to the gym or want to mix things up a little.

Congrats on catching DDR fever! I hope you continue to love your purchase!

Lesia said...

I guess now that I read your post outloud and my 11 year old was listening, I have to buy it now. I can't do it but how fun for her and her friends during sleepovers. Thanks for the info. Now go shake your bootie!

Ginger said...

come on you know you want post yourself shake your groove thing. hahahaha how funny i love the dance wii games they are soo fun.

i have the biggest loser game and it works awesome and really works me. ;) i dont need it to be personal i just need to see bob's face and for him to tell me to keep going

McCulley's said...

I love Just Dance it is like a$25 game and some friends and I get together to play it laughing, sweating and having a BLAST. We have DDR Disney (for the kiddos) it is fun too.

McCulley's said...

oooh and if you have kids you can do outdoor Challenge they are fun and if the start to win you just bump them with your bodacious boody and knock em off the mat! hee hee,

Katy said...

I've got a 6 pack of beer and I'm comin' over! Uh, can we have a dance dance date?

KyokoCake said...

I LOVE DDR and all those Wii games!!

lafngirl said...

I have just bought a hula hoop. Not a cheap kid's one that you get at wally world..but one custom made by a local girl. I have seen so many videos online of the type of fun people have while hooping as an adult. I never was very good at it as a kid and the larger hoop is supposed to be easier. I just got it a week ago and only have 30 minutes of use in on it...but its awesome! It really is a work out. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something different AND fun :)

Traci said...

ooh this is so fun. You are making me want that game even more. I have had it on my wish list for some time. Our Wii is currently not working or I would be using my games more. We have several workout ones.

Biggest Loser- My fav for workouts.

Wii Fit- They also have Wii Fit Plus, but I haven't used it. Several different activities to do. Awesome.

Active Life Outdoor Challenge- VERY fun. The kids love this one. It's pretty good.

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009- Very confusing. Hard to figure out where to go and what to do. I have only used it a few times because it is hard to navigate. Once you get into the actual routines they are good, but frustrating to get there.

Sarah Beau Bera said...

No Wii, but I can access Biggest Loser Workouts on the Cable ON Demand nextwork. Thinking of trying that since it is over 1oo degrees outside.

Missa said...

Alright STOP! Colaborate and Listen....
You got me goin' there for a while girl. :-) Hey, as long as you are having fun, no worries!!


Wallene said...

What a cute post - We got the Wii for our daughter for Christmas [such a deal] and although we don't have a huge tv - we do enjoy the disk that came with it.

Since I am recovering from being ill and trying to put muscle tone back on a 118 lb body I like the simple tennis and bowling - I think I would faint if I tried the DDR. So I say great for you.

Curvy Jones said...

I want a Wii! It is one of my weight loss goal reward thingies.

Holly said...

I have Wii Active, it was ok when I was kinda starting my weight loss journey but, it doesn't do much for me now that I am seriously into my journey. I suppose I need to try it again though. Also, they have this strap that you velcro around your leg to put the nunchuk in and it left an indent on my thigh and it's still there even though it's been like 6 months or so since I have done it. Weird! I did do it every day for a couple months but, still.

So envious of your DDR. We have it for the game cube but, our game cube isn't set up. Maybe that's something I should talk my hubby into doing. Sounds fun.

greekwitch said...

Oh boy! I can't run. I can't dance. I can almost do yoga. But lately i am obsessed with kick boxing. I have no endurance though, so the work outs never last more than half an hour. Except for when i am training with a friend. It is so much fun trying to avoid getting your ass kicked!
I need professional help!!!!

Lanie Painie said...

We have a mat that plugs into the TV that has some kind of knockoff of DDR but I haven't seen it since the move. We're definitely going to have to dig it out. One of the options on it is that you can play pinball and it wears me out. Suddenly I NEED to do that - so much fun. (Anybody know if Wii has a full-body pinball game?)

Because we have that, I never considered getting the Wii version of DDR but you almosts had me talked into it there for a minute - until I realized it didn't come equipped with teenage boys. Color me disappointed!

We have Wii Fit and "Just Dance" which is incredibly fun. In fact, I think I'll play with it later today even though I already fulfilled my "Wii Fit" obligation for the day. It also has great music and you can play with up to 4 people, I think, or by yourself. my 8 year old loves it, too.