Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am an idiot...

First, thanks to everyone who chimed in on my recent post asking how to celebrate without food.  There were a few really great suggestions and if anything, it helps me feel less alone when faced with this conundrum.

I thought that I would lighten the mood by telling you about my running experience yesterday.

Tuesday, even though it was a wonderful day to run, stuff came up and I couldn't take the time to take a lunch (healthy, I know).

So yesterday, I brought my running stuff just in case.

Just before noon, I checked my app on my phone and saw that it was 72 degrees.  I was thrilled! It meant that I could run without issue.

So, I set out and start running.  At first, it isn't too bad.  But then I start really feeling like I'm running through quicksand.  I know my pace is horrible and I'm getting SO HOT.

I stopped and walked for a bit but was shocked at how I could actually feel myself getting hotter.  I knew I was getting sunburned, but my whole body felt like I was having a bad heat reaction.  At least when I jogged, I was getting SOME airflow.

On I trudged - making my way back to the office.

But as I did so, I just couldn't get over how hot it was.  I started wondering if I was having heat exhaustion or if the stress of the interview and life was causing me problems.  THEN I realized that I hadn't had much water that day so far - so I figured maybe it was a hydration issue.

The last half mile, I walked almost the whole thing.  By that time, I figured that my app was broken...there is just no way that it was only 72 degrees!

So I checked.  And YES - again, there it was again - a temp in the low 70s (although by this time, it had heated up to 74 degrees).


And that's when I realized my error...

I hadn't changed my default city from where I was this weekend.


Turns out, I was running in mid-80s weather.  Had I known THAT, there was no way I would've run.  What can I say?  I'm a wuss.  Running outside in this altitude with the hot sun shining down on someone of my size is not exactly a great idea.

It took me taking a cold shower and waiting a full hour for my face to get back to it's normal shade (i.e. NOT bright red).



Lesia said...

Ok as I was reading your post it crossed my mind that maybe you were looking at the wrong city. The reason being that I have done that too.. So when I got to the section of your post where that is what it was; I had to smile. At least you did it girl!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

HAHA!!!! This sounds like something I would do. Sooooo frustrating when you make a healthy choice and nature sabotoges you. I'm glad you are all right, and that you made it safely.
This is why I walk in the pool at the YMCA!!! lol

Keelie said...

That's funny!!! But also not since you seem to ahve over heated. I have say though, I woudl be rejoicing to run in 80 degrees!!! I am having to wait until 8/8:30 pm to run and even then the therm. still reads 100+. Gotta love texas.

Janell said...

I heard that you guys were going to be even warmer today. You are getting the weather we just had. Not to worry, it's much cooler today. Gorgeous day. Wait and run on Sunday.

Katy said...

It's just supposed to get hotter the next couple days....ugh.

freaking awesome body said...

Too funny! I have left my app on another city before and been like...what the heck is going on, only to realize my error. hahaha. well at least you got in the run!


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Funny now - but probably not so much then!

Mandy said...

Do you say "altitude" because you're so tall? I have been walking regardless of heat lately, and it has been really beneficial.

Lesia said...

Blog award over at my blog for you. come get it!

McCulley's said...

haha I was so excited last week to try a run after 2.5 years of being told I can't I headed out at 11 am in 92 degrees yep not good I feel your pain!