Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Downtown run and request

The run
Yesterday morning the alarm clock went off at 5 AM and I actually got up.  This is a small miracle.

I ended up getting up and donning my running gear while Joe slept all warm and cuddly in the bed.  This is also a small miracle (because hello! Morning cuddles are the BEST!).

I ran the same route that I ran a few weeks ago...only this time it was dark.  I need to get some more reflective elements on my clothing.  I don't cross a lot of streets on the route that I've picked, but with the mornings staying dark longer, it makes sense to be as safe as possible.

Running on a route that is usually packed with swarms of people was interesting.  The streets downtown were pretty much deserted at 5 AM and when I ran along a creek (one that is no where near traffic) I was the only person on the path.  It felt serene.

There's just something about being up first thing and being able to be alone with your thoughts, your ideas, and yourself.  There's something about enjoying the wonderfulness that IS a new day.  It's fresh, clean, unmarred, and able to be fully enjoyed.  I enjoyed the run so much. And when I finished, I felt proud that I started my day off where I was a priority to myself.

I'll be doing that a lot more often in the days and weeks to come.

The Request
Lastly, if you all could hold a good thought for me in the next few days, I'd appreciate it.  The last interview that I have for a company that I'd really like to work for is either tomorrow or Thursday.  They are down to two candidates - me and another guy.  The guy who has the final say prefers the other person and from what I know about him, there is good reason for it.  He has more experience in the field that the job is for.  I have the same skill sets and some experience - just not as much as this guy.  BUT I have other skills and attributes that he might not have (apparently he is much younger than I am).  We each have to give a 30 minute presentation and then have two hours of one-on-one interviews where we can try to sway them towards us.

I found out yesterday that I misunderstood who would be my boss - and it turns out that last week I actually interviewed with the guy that would be my boss.  AND he is the guy that prefers the other candidate.  I feel a bit discouraged by this.

Ultimately, it's out of my hands.  And truthfully, I want a job where the company wants me too.

But the fit seems right and the timing seems great.  The job seems interesting and challenging.  The perks are awesome.  And my current situation is less than desirable.  Unlike doubts about myself as a person, I know that I can do this job and do it well.  I have been very successful at any job I've had - and I know that this would be no exception.  I just need them to see that - and to take a chance on the underdog. 

So I'm hopeful and asking for your positive vibes.


Katy said...

2 things.

1) Morning snuggle time really is the best thing ever.

2) I'll think positive get the job thoughts!

Karen said...

This is when you need to do all that touchy feely stuff that people say works - visualizing and thinking it and it will happen. You know you can do this job! Go in there and kick some butt:)

Jams said...

Morning snuggle time rocks. I'm proud of you for getting out there and running though! And I'll be sending you tons of positive thoughts!

Sam said...

Lots of love, hugs, and good thoughts coming your way!

Lesia said...

When I get up way early the day seems to drag on forever. Kiddos for you!

Hey if this is the RIGHT job for you then IT WILL be the job for you. Have faith. The Lords will make it happen IF its in the big plan. He knows all. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out. But I will be pushing the luck your way:)

Karen said...

Oh good luck to you. I already said a praye for you.

Misspudding said...

Gooood luck!!!

TinaM said...

Sounds like such a great way to start your morning!!! That's dedication leaving him all warm in bed... did you get in a morning snuggle when you got back I wonder??? :)

I will be sending out positive vibes, good luck!!!!

kristi said...

Good luck and good vibes heading your way!!

Mandy said...

You should consider a miner's helmet when you run in the early morning to alert you of any parked vehicles that have been known to materialize!

You can rock this job, but it if it's not meant to be, there is nothing you can do to change it, kinda like if it is meant to be. So, be positive, and know that if isn't it...something better is around the corner, behind the van.

Margie M. said...

Yes...I'll hold positive thoughts for you and the job possibility. You truly deserve it (for no other reason than you're way cool).

Margie M. writes at;

MizFit said...

still holding the good thoughts.