Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not so happy pants

Last Wednesday, I decided to go for a run - just to see if I was well enough (from my cold) to run and do the 10K that was this past Sunday.

I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say that about a mile and a half in, my uterine fibroid decided it didn't much care for running and made it known.  Of course, I turned around and headed back to the office - but was left walking the rest of the way because running hurt so badly.  It was a fast pace I had though - because I knew I didn't have much time before everyone else knew that something was wrong.

Bleeding while you're stranded in the middle of nowhere is not great.

But more than that, I was so sad that it meant that not only could I not run the 10K as I had hoped, but I couldn't run the 5K.  Running is therefore out until surgery too.  And if you've been reading me for awhile, you know that running is a great stress relief.

I made it back safe and sound and changed into a whole new set of clothes after taking a shower at work.

But it didn't make it better.

I've got to figure out what I can do to move my body in a way that won't cause the same bleeding and discomfort. 

So those that *can* run, run for me, will you?

And those that can't, what do you do to exercise as a stress relief?  I'm looking for some low impact things to enjoy that won't make the fibroid angry. 

You wouldn't like it when it's angry... 


Karen said...

How frustrating and disappointing for you:( I think any exercise works, for the most part. Maybe not with the great runner's high I have always heard about, but still. And lots of people swear by meditation but I have never tried that. Yoga too, of course, is very touted for stress relief.

Thrice Blessed said...

That must have really been disappointing! I'm so sorry! I find that walking is good exercise, I don't know if it will aggravate your fibroid or not though, I also do Wii Fit, I like the Free Step and super hula hoop, almost everything on Wii Fit is low impact, the only thing that is not is Free run, because that is running in place. But the rest of it is very low impact because the Balance board can't take high impact either.

LauraLynne said...

i'm so sorry! I will run *for* you and pray you can run for yourself soon! Swimming? Core exercises? I'm not sure what else for stress relief (in college my counselors recommended color books...maybe give that a shot?!)


Lyn said...

I'm sorry. That's hard. Hugs for you.

I recommend biking. If you can get a semi recumbent, even in a gym, it won't create a sore bottom... mine has a backrest.

Swimming too.

Jams said...

Get a punching bag!!!! I'm sorry you can't run. Hopefully once the deficit is gone, you'll be back to running in no time!

Misspudding said...

Oh, Anne, I'm so sorry!!! :(

Swimming is pretty low impact, but you really don't want to start bleeding while you're in the water and wearing a prophylactic tampon is probably not cool.

Can you just try walking while you can't run? Do you get the same relief?

I hope you can figure something out soon. When is the surgery, again?

Debbie said...

I had this surgery in 2008 and I was so glad that I did. I walk and do the wii now. I still do not run because of my weight, but hope to soon.

Dani said...

swim, cycle, were (are) my faves when I can run

Katy said...

oh my my my!!!! That sounds horrible! I'd suggest the bike at the gym. That's my go to form of exercise with my foot the way it is.

Mrs. Happy Pants said...

That sucks big time. The fibroid giving you shit, I mean.
The inability to run? Well, it does bite, but you NEED to protect your health. Endless girl bits bleeding+running=anemic fun pants??? Maybe not, but why take chances? Anemic + running=BAD PANTS.
I ran for you and Dr. Fatty tonight.
You got very sweaty and red-faced.

Leah said...

Swimming might be a good idea. Low to no impact which could be what you need. Sorry you're not well.

Jen said...

I am sorry that you're having to go through this!! Take care of yourself, missy!!

Jen said...

I am sorry that you're having to go through this!! Take care of yourself, missy!!

TinaM said...

Oh my goodness :(

I would go with the just walking idea, if you can? Then you still get out and get the fresh air and stress releif?

I hope you find something you can do and enjoy. Most important: TAKE IT EASY GIRL!!!

(So proud of how you handles lunch in that last post!!! You're awesome!)

Lala said...

Anne, I'm so sorry the deficit is getting in the way of your running. But, it's a temporary setback. I wanted to mention that you can actually run in the pool. I do it about once a week (highly recommend pool shoes, tho!). If that's not your game, I also think you can get a great low impact workout on the elliptical trainer. I hope that helps! I am thinking of you and sending you all the good energy I have!!!!

Amy P said...

I've been neglecting posts (on my blog and commenting on others) for the last month and a half really. I haven't run since the 1/2 marathon and that was like 3 weeks ago. You gave me the shove I needed this morning. I'll run for you. Planning to do the Turkey Trot with my brother again this year, and I think I'll try running at lunch, just like you do. :) The deficit sucks, no matter how you look at it. Walking...that's all I got...

Polar's Mom said...

Swimming/elliptical...or strength training.

Polar's Mom