Monday, October 4, 2010


So, the fresh resolve and perspective I had on Friday was real and genuine.

Only apparently, the world had other plans.

Friday afternoon, I started getting stuffy and my throat started hurting.  By Friday night I was running a fever and ended up spending pretty much all weekend in bed...and not in a good way.  I still had a fever last night, but I felt much better this morning.

I'm back at work this morning, though not nearly as fatigued as I was this weekend.  Sure, I sound completely stuffed up and my nose is leaking like a sieve, but I feel much better.

All weekend long, I worried about running - after all, I had just announced that I was going to run my first 10K...what would the world come to if I didn't do that?!?!

So I didn't run this weekend.  And that makes the possibility of me running the whole 10K on 10/10/10 a lot less likely.

BUT I did take care of myself - which was another goal from the Hot 100 Challenge.  And the surgery to remove The Deficit has to be of greater importance than the 10K.  By taking care of myself this past weekend, I am making sure that that surgery will go as planned and won't get pushed back to me being unwell.

If I feel well enough later today, I'll go for a run outside... and if everything goes perfectly this week, I'll still run the 10K this weekend.  I can choose to opt out and run the 5K up until Friday.  OR if I feel worse as the week progresses, I can just not run at all.

Having said that, it's 2 PM and I feel good.  Joe is grocery shopping on the way home so I'll hit the dreadmill or run outside - something to test the waters and see what I'm made of.

What do you think - push through it or should I take it easy? OR is there some middle ground?

P.S.  It's Monday.  That means that this blurb is here to remind you to enter in the Laughing Cow post to win $150 on my review blog.  It's so easy, even a caveman can do it.  Wait.  I probably shouldn't write that.


Karen said...

You could so be talking directly to me today!!! Last week I started c25k on top of my other exercise and I hurt my back. Took two days off, no biking. (Sad.) Today was my big debate, with my back finally improving, should I bike or not. I finally decided NOT. I feel guilty. But I want to be sure I recover. That said, I did get on the elliptical. So I would vote for a middle ground:)

Anonymous said...

I say, take care of yourself, kiddo. You don't want to drive that cold deeper until it really knocks you on your butt so that you'll rest. You and The Deficit are worth it - especially you.

Jams said...

If it's just a head cold, it's okay to exercise in general (it might actually help clear it up some temporarily). If you're running a fever, skip it. Don't need to overheat yourself! :)

Most importantly, listen to your body if you choose to exercise... take it slower than normal and if you need to walk, then walk.

LauraLynne said...

I say push through. But I've been known to push myself too much! I'm always pleasantly surprised at the outcome - you might be too!

Mind Over Fatter said...

You could push through it if your feeling better but remember there is always middle ground especially when your under the weather. You're body needs the rest to get well and to re-charge. Eat well and listen to you're body to see what it's up regarding exercise.

TinaM said...

I say take it easy. Just listen to your body and do what it tells you to do.

I would say skip it, but I know you were looking forward to it.
What about making it a 5k and walking parts of it?

But if you're not up to it, definatly skip it and take it easy!!!! There will be another one :) And you'll be 100% next time!

GeorgiaBE said...

Take it easy--I've done more harm than good by pushing through when sick...but then I have all the autoimmune stuff to deal do what makes you feel best!